All girls love beautiful shoes and every condition in the mind of the whole area is provided by us. Sometimes I often ask myself the question, what is the next pair to buy, what to choose: boots, boots, shoes or sneakers? In this article we will tell you what are the fashionable shoes women this season. Everything new is well forgotten old. Designers are well aware of this, so produce fashionable news of spiral. It was true 10-15 years ago again running for fashion show. Designers and stylists take an old model, add a modern décor, inventory, slightly modified style and become a trend that should certainly appeal to fashionistas. What is relevant this season? Perhaps you have somewhere unsold pair of boots, which in your opinion are outdated and you do not even know what it’s just and is cool news? Let’s analyze fashion trends together.

Spring and fall fashion shoes are made of natural materials such as leather and suede leather. What model should I choose for spring to stay stylish? There are several options for winter shoes, which you will learn in detail right now!

Elegant ankle boots

Women’s ankle boots are able to make the most simple picture a real piece of art. And actually it is. There is no more elegant and refined footwear than ankle boots. They emphasize the dignity of the female figure, and hide the mistakes correctly. This model is made of leather or suede leather, with a range of interior and sole. It only depends on the type of soles out things that fit under stylish boots. Ankle boots with a wedge heel. This type of sole that makes its owner slimmer and taller, wedges is easy to get through the day. For off-season it is better to choose shoes made of suede leather, which looks luxurious and noble. There is no need to choose a model with a rich décor, it is better to be plain in suede or some elegant jewelry. Kile you can go to work, go with friends, and generally go about their daily affairs. Ankle boots go well with pants dress, tight skirts and dresses, and also with jeans and pants made of thick fabrics; heel ankle boots. This type of sole that is quite comfortable and fitting for different clothes, especially in this season of fashion is considered to be a thick, stable heel. Ankle boots with heels are a frequent guest at fashion shows and modern ladies love them because they allow you to stay beautiful and stylish, but you can feel comfortable.

This season’s trendy colors: blue, blue, mint, malachite, sapphire, turquoise and gray.

There are shades of the cold palette and need to know how to combine them with clothes. Girls who have a small increase, blue ankle boots will be very useful. They should combine blue shoes with slim pants, jeans or leggings to complement the look with a fitted blouse and blue cardigan. Thus, silhouette visually, in the sky, and the growth is added.