Verna Joyce

Verna Joyce

Intuitive "Catalyst" For Creating Positive Change

I Help Heart-Driven, Spiritually Minded Women

Release Their Self-Doubt & End Self Sabotage


Create Positive Change In They Way They Feel & Function.

When you release the actual cause of your self-doubt, depression, grief, anger & fear that you’re experiencing . . .  it leaves you clear and free emotionally . . .  & it also gives you more clarity in your thoughts and in your mind.

No longer bogged down by negativity, you naturally become more positive in your thoughts and the way that you feel . . .  more motivated to take the next step forward in creating a life that’s more peaceful, fulfilling, happy & rewarding on every level.

Don’t settle for feeling mediocre (or worse) . . . It’s time to try something different.


You Are So Welcome . . . & I’m really glad that you’re here !


If you’re struggling with negative emotions & finding it hard to cope with stress . . .  and you’d love things to improve in your life and don’t know how to make that happen . . .  I’m here to help you work with the underlying cause of your challenges so that you can start feeling good again.

I offer private, one-on-one healing sessions to help you clear the energy of negative thoughts, beliefs & trapped emotions which are creating challenges, stress & struggle in your life.

Sessions are conducted by Telephone Australia-Wide & via Zoom for International Clients.

(Cost of all phone charges are included in the session price).

If you’d like some more information about me & the work I do, please (830) 783-8920 . . .  your questions are ALWAYS welcome here!

Now is your time to heal, create positive change & start enjoying life again.

I hope this information helps & serves you, & I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Huge Love,

Verna. xo.

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