I bought it last night.

Pete is waiting for me.


Pitawas hid her face in her hands.

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Carolyn dressed up as Santa Claus.


We don't even know where it is.


Stephan wanted you to know.

You must study English every day.

Are you aware of their indie work?

This is old news to me.

The Air Diet: Why Eat When You Can Pretend!


They said they'd make the boarding announcement 20 minutes before takeoff.

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Why isn't she here?

We have to follow him.



I'm getting married in October.

Revised said no.

I want you back.


I didn't have much lunch.

It happens occasionally.

Gunter has his own life to live.


I need you to take over.


Helge got ready for lunch.


It just doesn't sound right.

This isn't what Nathaniel needs now.

Did you sleep well today?

What if Micky doesn't want to talk to me?

We can protect you.

All those tricks he's got up his sleeve make him a formidable client.

I told Cary that I couldn't speak French.


He told me he would be here about seven.


He is impervious to reason.

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Did she indicate a price for it?

We received word of her death.

Martha told me his father was in the hospital.

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The city has many beautiful parks.

Please give me a cup of tea.

He and I have been good friends since we were children.

I was thinking of Sabrina.

Is this a date?


No action today, is there?

He has a passion for fishing.

If you're not watching the TV, turn it off.

In any case, you have to leave early, whether you like it or not.

Do you believe in a higher power?

I read one.

It is a fine hypothesis; it explains many things.

We'll stop her.

This is a picture of Teresa's family.


There was no explosion.

It's hard to think of life as easy, but it's easy to think of life as hard.

I've loved French cakes since elementary school.


There's a bat on the ceiling in my office!


Those two guitars look very similar.

He looks like his grandfather.

I sent her away.

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Masanobu told me that she didn't love her husband anymore.

It's our job to help her.

I'd like to borrow about three hundred dollars.

Carole said we needed to leave at once.

I needed something that could pull me out of all this.


I enjoy spending time with you.


If by any chance it should rain, he won't come.


Danny told me he lived on Park Street.

He knows how to eat with chopsticks.

I feel a pain in my back.

Where else could it be?

They'll put you up.

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I want him to win the election.

Dan's heart stopped but doctors managed to revive him.

Tell them that.


We'll never see them again.

There were only three left.

You've run out of things to drink.

Whether you pass the Chinese exam or not, let's go to the bar to drink beer.

I think we should be getting back.


I have sensitive skin.

I want Harv to know we mean him no harm.

The question is what do we do now.

This is no big deal.

Everyone recognizes the boy as a real genius.

They're clearly not happy that they got stuck with that job.

I got quite a scare when they said you were in the hospital.

"I will die without you." "I'll go to your funeral."

Why should I talk to her?

He might possibly say something ambiguous again.

Let's face it, he's not going to change his mind.


We won't be able to keep this a secret forever.


Laurie stopped clapping.

Yesterday I saw a sign in a sushi restaurant saying 'We are a Taiwanese company'.

Alfred came to his senses and decided to turn himself in to the police.

Malcolm is in the third grade.

Troy is wearing suit today.

We're grateful for what you did.

I don't want to see him ever again.

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Marsha is the one who told me your phone number.

Monty never showed up.

I live and work here.

I put it in my head to go there by myself.

This is pretty tense, isn't it?


Eli might run.


Which would you rather have, tea or coffee?


What's left to talk about?


I know who killed Will.

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I'm ready to leave now.

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There will be a giant crop of corn this year.

Don't complain about it. You've asked for it.

I escaped the accident by the skin of my teeth.

Today's paper says that a typhoon is coming.

She has a crush on her teacher.


You're in for a real surprise.

Norbert drives way too fast.

What exactly are they doing in there?


I'm taking my coffee with me.

I'm afraid of losing you.

They told me to wait here.

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Amarth told Pantelis that everybody except John had already arrived.

Ning might've followed me.

Taking good care of your clothes will make them last longer.

We've been fighting every night.

I don't like what Rodger has done.

You're always staring.

Read carefully, this book will do you good.

We're introverted.

He likes mountaineering and is at home with Japanese mountains.


I think it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to do that by yourself.

Neal's lawyer said that he couldn't put Hillary on the stand.

Loren is a very protective father.

Make sure that the device is attached firmly to ceiling.

We should back him up so as to make the project a success.


Byron was the oldest one in our class.


It told Vick that I was sorry.

In geometry, a triangle's Fermat point is a point defined such that its total distance from the three triangle vertices is the minimum possible.

I put on a cap when I go to school.


Aim for the eyes!

Children, listen!

Could we please have a little privacy?


She left her children behind.

Where's today's newspaper?

When the politician died, everybody hoped the son would follow in his father's footsteps.

When did you start talking like Shatter?

Naim recited her poem so movingly, so forcefully, that she brought the audience to tears. Even hard-headed Jane searched for her handkerchief.

I'll ask her.

I believe in rising early.


She's at loggerheads with her mother.

The bus ride made her feel so sick that she began to vomit.

It's a good thing I came here.


Now, wait a second.


I must be going deaf.

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The water is hot.

She learned to dive when she was five.

Let's continue this tomorrow.

Hold still. This won't hurt.

You're in for a real surprise.