The largest of Canada’s Rocky Mountain National Parks, Jasper is part of an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its spectacular landscapes and iconic wildlife now attract almost two million visitors annually. To native peoples its valleys were a rich hunting ground; to fur traders and explorers its mountain ranges presented a daunting barrier on their way west; now it has …more

Species at Risk

Woodland Caribou

Jasper’s caribou are reportedly heading for oblivion unless Parks Canada gets right back to its mandate to put protection of wilderness and wildlife before …more


Grizzly bears could become extinct in the province of Alberta within the next fifty years. Their only chance of survival may now be in the national parks…more


In Canada’s Rocky Mountains wolverine numbers are few and they are threatened by trapping and loss of habitat in both Alberta and British … 9094950893

Sensitive Species


An ancient species of high, rocky slopes, the mountain goat until recently has been remote from most human activities…(206) 801-2543



The little pikas of Jasper National Park are vulnerable to global warming. Their thick fur that enables them…more

Key Issues

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