I just came down here to get my cigarettes.

Sho probably won't be able to cope with the problem by himself.

Please tell me the requirements for admission to the college.

I forgot to write my family name.


Kenneth is very childish.


I was hoping for something a little more helpful.

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Has anyone left me a message?


You can have this room all to yourself.

I told you that I wasn't interested.

Can you wake them up for me?


What have you been doing?

Good things are easily spoiled.

You'd better ask Martin.


I'm not leaving until I get paid.

Today I dreamed I was dead.

I'm sorry I'm so stupid.

Dirk gets very emotional.

This is an epic story.

HP can only be restored with a golden apple.

Mac has different plans.

The problem is beyond my grasp.

When you start to look like the photo in your passport, it's time to go on vacation.

No one knew what the alarm signaled when it sounded that afternoon, but, with the exception of those few unlucky enough to have been so engrossed in their work as to not notice it, everyone made it out of the building alive.

She has to look after her mother.

Who hasn't been there?

This horse is on its last legs.

I am happy to help.

The ice contains bubbles of the air from each year. Scientists analyze the bubbles in each layer to see how much CO2 they contain.


During whose reign was that church built?


I'm watching television.

I'll tell him, if I don't forget.

We've got two cats - one is white, and the other's black.

I've been trying to reach Barbra.

He's in prison.

Choose to be happy.

Did Franklin tell you he's studying French?

Erwin can't listen to music without tapping his foot.

I think I can learn from my mistakes.

Kerri would've won easily.

That's suicide.

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She can't put together three words in Spanish, and she claims she's intermediate.

Can you give me a cup of tea?

Most people are introduced to vectors in high school or college.

He backed us up during that incident.

This is how I solved the difficult problem.

I know Jason isn't the one who did this.

I haven't really figured that out yet.

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I'm not the one who told him.

Don't you know the rules?

Kyu can't use that.

Nothing special.

What did you want us to do with all your stuff?


Do your parents still live in Germany?

The man we saw this morning was Mr Green.

Let's call Giles and tell him we need to reschedule.

She went to the station to see her teacher off.

Round trip or one-way?

You played hooky yesterday?

Kirk collapsed in tears.

Nothing can stop her.

I'm ready for this.


Galileo was the first person to look at the Moon through a telescope.


Jane is to be married next month.

Toerless said he'd do his homework before dinner.

Thanks in advance.

Is Guillermo joking?

Dirk has the bad habit of jumping to conclusions.

Let me tell you what else you need to do.

You know where to find me if you need anything.


Vaughn did exactly as he was told.

He's in the toilet, taking a dump.

That boat was full of refugees from Cuba.

According to the weather report, it will snow tonight.

Turkeer doesn't get along with his parents.


Work hard, and your salary will be raised by degrees.


The suspect was last seen wearing blue jeans and an orange sweatshirt.

Alvin knows.

He says the sweetest things.

She was beside herself with rage.

Do what you think is best.

I teach French to young children.

Have you confirmed it?

I am in need of a responsible person.

What are your favorite movies?

Only Takeuchi did not accept the invitation.

Don't raise your voice above a whisper.

I said drop your gun!

They make my day so much brighter.


Please handle it with the utmost care.

During the morning of March 20, 2015, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the Faroe Islands, located northwest of Scotland, and the Svalbard Islands, located east of Greenland.

Barbra spent the night in an old hunting shack.

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I'm not worried about you.

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She left him in peace.


According to the Bible, God made the world in six days.

I didn't come with him.

I went to the bank to withdraw $20,000 from deposit.

Why didn't you try calling him?

The boy can count to ten.

I'm here for you, Charlene.

Most constellations don't really resemble the creatures or characters they are named after.

My problem is I don't trust you.

The government is reluctant to alter its economic policy.


That incident put his courage to the test.

Do you know what happiness is?

Did Alfred know you were going to do this?


I invited you to the party.

Today, I had a lot of troubles.

I'm not sure what my children want for Christmas.

We saw the traces of a bear in the snow.

I'm sure Brian was sleepy.


Is that why you came here?


She read his letter, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

The song "Dang Me" was written and recorded by Roger Miller in 1965.

He wanted to know how it tasted, so he bit off a little piece.

Bernie loves Jon's children.

The basic question is, what vision do you aspire to?

I can find them.

Noemi didn't explain it well enough for me to understand.

I'll do this as long as I can.

Tony died a few weeks later.

I don't know what was going on.

My vacation was terrible.

The audience was excited at the game.

A special task force managed to catch a suicide terrorist downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.

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What thought do you think had the biggest impact on the English in the Middle Ages?

Part seldom eats seafood.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the rear of the building.


Who is the man playing the piano?

She has a vivid imagination.

The style of that house is similar to mine.

Brush off the dust from your shoes.

He tried to memorize the conversation.


We all know you don't drink.

Cristi has issues.

"Hey, Kameko, don't you have a conscience?" "No." "You don't...? You don't have a conscience...?" "I had one, but now I don't."

I'd like to lose thirty pounds.

A whole car fits into the blind spot.

She made a good speech.

Pascal has been restless all day.

She had the habit of wearing a ribbon on her hat; a different one each day, and each day a different colour.

Nicholas baked a cake for Jenine.

When it comes to starting the day, nothing wakes me up faster than coffee.

I want ice cream for dessert.


Man is also an animal in a broad sense.


Maybe you could talk to them.

Vulcans have pointy ears.

I had to wait for a long time for Takeuchi's answer, but it was worth it.

I've remarried.

He is an expert in sustainable development.

I didn't send him anywhere.

Klaudia was a wonderful boy, who had gained the affection and esteem of all.

I could feel the house shaking.

You may go home now if you like.

I prefer doing it this way.

She attracts hairy men.

She spoke highly of you.

I didn't expect you to come in today.

The ship slowly started to move.

He passed the test as was expected.

Despite the importance of sleep, its purpose is a mystery.

They were very concerned.

I went out by bicycle.

I closed my phone.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

I came here to warn you about what might happen.

There are people in the park.

This won't help us.

She appears to have few friends.

While welcoming the firming up of the present government policy to abandon the proposal of the reform bill to the Diet, at the same time some are worried that Prime Minister Koizumi won't clearly state the bill's withdrawal.

Who do you think wrote that graffiti on the wall?

Why would anyone kidnap Moore?