GE Learning Central International - What is it?

Learning Central International is a one-stop shop for professional and technical skill development for GE's distributors and customers.

Online Learning

We understand that it's virtually impossible to train your entire staff at once. To help remedy that problem, we have developed online learning solutions that will help you educate all of your team, on your schedule. Our various online learning solutions will help you train your personnel anytime, anywhere.

Events and Showroom Visits

Learning Central International allows you to submit and schedule requests for showroom visits and other events at GE facilities. From scheduling flight arrangements, to obtaining printable Letters of Invitation and name badges for the event, Learning Central International allows you to manage this process from start to finish!

User Login
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To register for Learning Central International:

1. Click Register New User.

2. Enter all requested information accurately and completely, including your full name, as you want it to appear in Learning Central International records and registration.

3. Submit the registration request.

4. Once your registration request is approved, use the login information you receive via email to enter Learning Central International.

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