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About Us

Precedent Strategy creates custom networking, resume, interview and speaking communications to help legal, finance, IT and engineering professionals present their best self possible.

Who We Are.

Our principal has built a career adding value to business leaders by providing insight, advice and communications.

What We Do.

We translate your unique professional value into clear, persuasive and structured language.

How We Do It.

We will work together to build your personal skill set into an organized story of your professional potential.

Our Principal

As an international corporate lawyer Arif appeared in pharmaceutical and intellectual property litigation on behalf of publicly traded companies. These projects focused on the value of intangible assets and were among the most complex and high-profile legal disputes in Canada. Arif’s education includes an honours molecular biology degree, Canadian and US law degrees, and a finance MBA.

Professional Background

Arif succeeded in professional roles by presenting complex ideas in demanding, adversarial circumstances using clear, concise and persuasive communications. As a strategy consultant Arif advised businesses facing abstract and ambiguous problems, working to simplify business challenges into actionable plans. As a senior policy advisor Arif advised the government on venture capital investment fund policy. This required influencing a network of diverse public and private stakeholders to achieve consensus.


Arif now focuses on two roles: 1) a catalyst for insight, helping stakeholders utilize his sound advice as they exercise judgement, and 2) a reservoir of practical project strategies based on the complex, high-risk files he managed.

Our Services

We develop industry specific, custom professional profiles from scratch that position you to advance in your career. This can include resumes, job-specific cover letters, LinkedIn content, networking emails, pitches for networking meetings and interview responses.

$100 Can/mo
  • Student Package
  • title big

  • Discover how to grow a network in your field
    • 1 Custom resume
    • 1 Custom cover letter
    • 1 Personalized networking email
    • Strategy for networking meetings
699 $Can..
  • Comprehensive Package
  • Build relationships that influence your success
    • 2 Custom resumes
    • 3 Custom cover letters
    • 1 Personalized networking email
    • Strategy for networking meetings
    • Strategy for researching contacts
    • 1 hour skype networking practice
  • Complete Preparation
  • Approach your career with complete confidence
    • 2 Custom resumes
    • 3 Custom cover letters
    • 1 Personalized networking email
    • Strategy for networking meetings
    • Strategy for researching contacts
    • 2 hour skype networking practice
    • 1 hour behavioral interview practice


Precedent Strategy provides personalized communications services to new graduates and developing professionals. Please use the form below or email us at to connect.