I think Dimetry might actually want someone to kill him.


We wouldn't care.

The gang is in Jean-Pierre's basement playing cards.

Long hair is out of fashion.


What did you feed the dog?


That's not really my problem.


Why haven't you told your parents about us?


I've been cheated again.

Jones wears too much makeup.

I am very grateful for your help.

Marshall went to a boarding school.

I wasn't talking...

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Clay insisted that Saify go there by herself.


We still have a lot more work to do.

Let me think for just a second.

Marco doesn't live with his wife anymore.


It was I who met him.

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The grammar of Esperanto is very easy.

What memory!

It's impolite to stare at people.

I want my hammer back.

I'd never been so afraid.

A truck knocked over a light pole and a traffic light.

We caught them by surprise.

His father administers some companies.

Sundaresan is a horse trainer.

I don't have anywhere I need to be.

God makes you healthy, and the doctor gets the money.

Would you mind saying that once more?

I'd like to know where you were.

Dan was carrying a bag containing half a million dollars.

We can consider the problem from several standpoints.

She thought of London as her new home.

He won by a small number of popular votes.

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I will have been to Nagasaki three times if I go there again.

Vice just changed his profile picture.

I'll do better.


I will stay at home.


F. takes sides with the criminal.

I just don't want to be left alone.

I'm scared of thunderstorms.

She pushed him into the swimming pool.

Is he married or single?

You must avoid making such mistakes.

He could not come because he was ill.

I made you something.

It's Thuan's house.

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I live at Akasaka in Tokyo.


It's Thursday.

Of course you can.

Where are your papers?


He is holding up her work.

I understand her, but on the other hand I don't think she's right.

Is it really so hard to believe?

You're bugging me.

I want to be on this team.

Maybe I can do it again.

May I have your name?

She asked him to stay, but he didn't want to.

Now, how would I know that?

He robbed an old lady.

It was going to be from Saturday, but, with one thing and another, it ended up being from the new week.

We'd better take a look.

The photo artist had trouble expressing himself.

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What did you expect us to do?

This store sells vintage jewelry.

Kyle had no money with him at that time.

McClellan decided to wait.

There's too much money in these accounts.

With his muscular constitution he passes for a judoist.

He made no end of excuses.

He scolded her for having left the door open.

Damon broke my nose.

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We had lived in Osaka for ten years before we came to Tokyo.


Nobody asked me to dance.


Your words have freed me from every doubt.

I haven't been completely honest with you.

Celeste took a few steps closer to Francois.

John broke in as Alice was speaking.

There are a lot of questions that need answering.

She always urges him to try new things.

Why are Chinese tourists so rude?

I happened upon Bernard at a restaurant yesterday.

We are bored with the joke of professorial custom.

Antonio is biting his nails.

Hey, what's so funny?

Curt arrived just in time to catch the train.

I know a very rich girl who only eats seasonal vegetables.

The newly hatched baby birds were way too feathery.

She likes Chinese food.

Arne and I've both been very busy.

Mitchell thinks that he's Ram's boyfriend, but Bea thinks that he's just a friend.

When pigs fly!

The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.

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Who can best handle the problem?

We were always able to have fun.

He needs money.


The famous Tower of Pisa is now so seriously off plumb that Italy is taking special measures to keep it from collapsing.


Could it be worse ?

They'll wait for us to arrive.

I've never trusted Raman.

I don't know Ravi, but I know his sister.

Ask Scot how Alex is.

Now leave it to me, Amy.

I like to work with him.

Your necktie matches your suit.

He came back from China.

Alain said he didn't want to eat at that restaurant.

It was a silly mistake.

I prefer that it stay that way.

You have my full support.

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Urs needs to help Lindsay.

Spring brings warm days and beautiful flowers.

I am west of the east.

The accident happened through my carelessness.

He's a brilliant artist.

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I designed it.

Page is pretty bad at tennis.

Will we get there before the end of the movie?


Our plane is thirty minutes late.

If it rains tomorrow, she will not come here.

The child was afraid of being left alone in the dark.

Have you read that book?

First, we decide on what needs to be decided, then we split into two teams.

Let's try to have a nice day.

Franklin writes articles for his brothers' newpaper under another name.

Nobody can deny that.

Based on the information that I've given you, what story would you come up with?


The beautiful woman is kind.


We knew all about it.

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Look at me when you're talking to me.

Do you have any idea how much this cost me?

That could solve a lot of problems.

Shakespeare is a great poet.

The trip was amazing.

Ignore it. It's only a rumor.

Why is this funny?

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Pardon me, what place is this?

I wear sunglasses almost every day.

The sooner you return, the happier your father will be.

The letter "n" is a lower-case character.

The confusion beggars belief.


He'll never notice the difference.

Elvis decided to do something.

It's completely illogical. It wasn't as if I was shouting outside while drunk.

There are more Buddhists in Germany today than people who know how to make a good chocolate cake.

I saw a boy crossing the street.

I dream of becoming a teacher.

Janet has something he wants to say.

She looked directly into his eyes.

What made you say that?

Dan told Linda that he had a lot of money.

We want to learn some Spanish songs.

I was caught in the rain and got soaked to the skin.

You've got to work really hard.

You believe them, don't you?

What kind of stuff do you want?

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

I am going to buy a beer.

Several militants were killed.

I found something out about Reid that I think you should know.

Don't you worry about Amanda?

It's very important for Sanjay that her kids behave well.

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I complained to the manager.

Helge got out of his car.

I know what Helen and Orville want me to do.

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You'll give me a heart attack.