Microsoft’s Windows 10 October Update (1809): Deleting Files?

If you are not living in a cave in some remote island without any connection to the outside world, then you must have heard about the upcoming October Update (1809) of Windows 10 and the havoc it created lately by deleting personal files.  It is the Semi-Annual release of “Windows as a Service” thing that Microsoft started with Windows 10.


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So.. You finally got ready to get your Blog up, and you immediately got stuck on most basic, yet most important questions:

  • Where Should I Start?
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It’s a tough choice since the internet is flooded with a lot of options. That’s why, in this guide, I’m going to help you choose the right blogging platform.

We’ll be looking into a bunch of Blogging Platforms and if you follow me till the end, You will find your Blogging platform of Choice.

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