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Bradley did it your way.


It's the least expensive of all.

School reopens in September.

He threw mud at me and made me dirty.

I was careful.

I'd like to know what you think.

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He was so immature, he couldn't resist the temptation.

Fully automatic story generation remains an unsolved problem for computer scientists.

When I finally came home at 1 o'clock at night, my whole body was completely exhausted.

Walt made it for me.

You've often said the same thing yourself.

The birds settled on the branches.

You're not helping at all.

I don't think Sabrina and Herve will ever get back together.

Tao doesn't get invited to parties anymore.

I am making spare parts in a car factory.

It seems I'm going to be up all night tonight.

How am I going to compete with that?

How about something to drink?

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I really do want to help them.


The two men understood one another perfectly, and had a mutual respect for each other's strong qualities.

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The center is an ideal.

Is love just a game to you?

Let's finish this.

She has scorn for me.

Nigel isn't actually the manager.

Sehyo said he thinks you're stupid.

Chip almost forgot about the meeting.

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Gusty winds are making travel hazardous for high profile vehicles.

I really can't accept this.

Why don't I stop by next weekend for dinner?

We will go on a picnic tomorrow.

Mix two parts of rum with one part of lemon juice.

I don't really understand the problem.

The stoat is the cutest animal ever.

Just look in the mirror.

Something was wrong with her.


They borrowed a book from me.

I'm better-looking than Amanda is.

Do you live in Portugal or in Brazil?

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They're all safe.


I informed her of my departure.

Christofer is doing what he enjoys doing.

I hope you're all having a good time.

He sent his son out to get the newspaper.

I threw the engagement ring Suu gave me into the river.

More businesses, from small businesses to large corporations, see higher wages as the right way to boost productivity, reduce turnover and increase profits.

There's no reason to be afraid.

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Consult him.


You must stop helping Amedeo.

The practice is peculiar to Japan.

Gregor thinks he's in big trouble.

Shakil likes to talk.

I'll eat standing up.

I wish things could get back to normal.

Don't talk to her that way. She's my friend.

A mother's heart always forgives.

Edinburgh, we meet again!

These flowers are the choice of her garden.

Some go to school by bicycle, others go by bus.

What are the company's strengths and weaknesses?

Germans are a frugal people.

I think you've been looking for me.

Kamel is walking down the corridor.

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I can't kiss you now.

Jean and Sonja are waiting with John.

I want a new knife.

Dirk wasn't with us last night.

There were no surprises.


You know the law.

Alan is unsure.

It is not going to rain this evening.

Father is watering flowers.

Bees provide honey for us.

In the long run your interest is better served by benefitting those below than those above.

I slept very well.


I'm not sure I know what to do.

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You are a student.


I love all of you.

Shai was more surprised than anybody.

He is not coming, according to her.

Lukas is in an angry mood.

Guacamole is a dip made from avocados.

It's unlikely Roman will help us.

I'm learning Esperanto.

I'd never do that with Jong.

The children were playing at keeping house.

Everything was prepared well in advance.

My friend just sent me this picture of his little cousin.

Emily bought a packet of crisps.

Sergio didn't give us much choice.

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All men are mortal, all Greeks are men, therefore all Greeks are mortal.

Jock used to play lacrosse, but he doesn't anymore.

Count as one fractions of half a yen and over, but ignore those of less.

Don't make faces.

One morning, she unexpectedly met him on the street.


Jurevis is quite secretive.

We're going to have a boy.

I would really like to go there.


Her life has all the trappings of privilege.


Raymond asked me to be more attentive.

Be sure to complete the work before you go home.

Is the world more twisted this morning than usual?

You can never tell anyone what I just told you.

He said that he pulled the trigger to save Robert's life.


I cannot approve your plan.

Jacobson will be here any minute.

When was the last time you went to an art gallery?


Jeannie is always studying.

You never should've let Brent go to Boston with Kanthan.

I'll see them next week.

Just do what I say.

Pantelis sides with Valerie all the time.

When politicians give the impression that they don't control the situation, markets get nervous.

Where will Laurianne go?

Fortune is the rod of the weak, and the staff of the brave.

The gallbladder is found adjacent to the liver.

I've heard rumors.

No matter what he says, don't trust him.

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That made me smile.

Mac was attentive.

I never realized you were such a good French speaker.


He donated countless pieces to the museum.

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Sandy didn't say even one word to me.

Was I supposed to ignore her?

Ask such questions that other people would answer with pleasure.


Kenton just barely managed to earn enough money to pay the rent.


I will tell my parents that I want to leave by myself.

They let me do whatever I wanted.

His failure in business left him penniless.


I sat at the front in order to hear the lecture clearly.


This flower smells nice.

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It seems to me that you are honest.


We own a yellow sports car.


I just wanna strip my clothes off!


I felt like a bird in a cage.

Clyde told me to stay at home.

Slavery has been abolished in most parts of the world.


I've been married for three years.

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My grandma just drank a bit of soup.


How are you today?

We don't want any bad publicity.

I was very, very happy.

I'm so blessed!

The satellite is in orbit around the moon.

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Jess looked at the price tag and shook his head.

He enjoys his sleep and doesn't like to have it interfered with.

Those trees hide the landscape.

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Christie slipped the money in his pocket.

You need to have a heart-to-heart talk with Joachim.

Shall we go to the cinema?

Your handwriting is very good.

It is the national week of the book.

The world tolerates conceit from those who are successful, but not from anybody else.

Don't forget about me!

We forgot them.

During his illness, he fell away horribly.

The material is not toxic in itself.

Don't tase me, bro!

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Let's go there.