She'll only come to my birthday party if you'll come, too.

I have no particular talent.

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What do we do next?

My nephew was accustomed to sitting up late.

He's already been in the toilet for quite a while.

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Last night I did not get a wink of sleep.

I'm on my way to see her.

Have you lost your mind?

It seems that the pills I took earlier were effective.

I don't want to live my life like this.

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I suppose that's all right.

I have a bad feeling.

Wendell is a great teammate.

As to your final grade, that depends on your final examination.

She is not a singer, but an actress.

He lost his temper with me.

We're looking for somewhere to live.

Collin is a narcissist.

He likes to spend some time in solitude every day.

That he should think so is quite natural.

Fred said he was related to Bruce Lee but we all knew it was far from the truth because he is from Africa.

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Do you guys need a ride?

Translation is an art of expression.

How do we reason with her?


He made up his mind to be a doctor and go to a doctorless village.

You've got to come see this.

Ping is quite conceited, isn't he?

To this extent, it has the characteristics of a great complicated balance between plant life and lower forms of animal life.

Charles is very imaginative.

Julia kisses her daughter.

I don't believe this is true.

You still don't understand, do you?

Maria claimed that he saw a UFO.



Piet never opens that window.

Then happy I that love and am beloved where I may not remove, nor be removed.


Cris bought a camera to give to Pandora.


I'll get some drinks.

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It's not too late to tell her that you love her.


A number of police officers at separate youth parties were pelted with rocks and beer bottles at the weekend.

There are at least thirty students in our class.

We still need to compete.


Hey, could you get to the point? I don't have a lot of time.

I thought Suzanne would watch the ships leaving.

Is it all over?

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We listened to his lecture on the radio.

She needs to repair the refrigerator.

We usually eat our biggest meal of the day at noon.


Gil will make the beds.


Let's see if they let you talk.

No matter how tired he is, he writes in his diary before going to bed.

You must take care of him.


The student was given a three day suspension.

Stop scaring me.

I knew he was lying.

Take down the main points of the speech.

I want to eat lobster tonight.


I built it.

Naoto should be in a hospital.

We have overlooked this important fact.

I'm really not too happy about it.

I may have to wake up earlier than planned to watch it or I won't get a change until next wednesday.


I don't know what to do here.

Do you suppose we can get together some evening?

I cooked one.

Bradley isn't sleeping now.

Is Bertrand in danger?


We agree on this subject.

My car looks shabby in comparison with his new one.

What's his professor's name?

Brad was wearing a shoplifted jacket.

Do you want some dinner?

Heinrich believed everything Shuvra said.

He went to the length of saying that he would never speak to her again.

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I'm going to live in Namibia.

I took it upon myself to telephone the police.

Randy should be told about what happened.


Floria paid Herbert and John a visit.

In response to customer concerns, we will definitely be addressing this software defect.

John ran into the room.


I would like it very much if the place where I live were less polluted.

We're in the middle of an argument here.

He will be a good teacher.


I got stuck in traffic.

He made mistakes.

Don't be a coward.

Cole was highly educated and spoke several languages fluently.

Has Stephen been drinking?

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I couldn't say.

What did Nicolo sing?

Joni sat on a log, picking his guitar.

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Our trip to Africa has become a catastrophe.

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You are a good cook.

It's fun to ride a motorcycle.

It is surprising that he should have said such things of me.

I don't know where they're from.

I want to do this as quickly as I can.

Our backyard is twenty meters square.

Hui is really good at telling jokes.

This really isn't hard.

She slipped her arm into his.

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I have insurance.


I said I was hungry.

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I'll throw you a bachelor party.


I want it done within the hour.

I wasn't organized.

Get that stupid look off your face.

Bert is available now.

We can't pay the taxi driver if we don't have any money.

Why didn't Gordon ask someone else do it?

I don't need to do everything you tell me to do.


I wonder why Serdar did that.

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While I work, I reflect.

I found out a huge sealed box when I opened my house's door.

Don't be hurt.


You're in shock.


The postmen sort the mail each morning.

I'm from Germany.

She is another Madame Curie.

There's Ronald's car.

"What good people," thought Pinocchio to himself. And forgetting his father, the new coat, the A-B-C book, and all his good resolutions, he said to the Fox and to the Cat: "Let us go. I am with you."


It looks like Vick wants to leave.


I nearly blacked out.


Everybody I know thinks Vladimir is stuck up.

I bet that's not true.

Rahul motioned for silence.

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Those guys are looking at us.

It allowed of no delay.

You said you could speak French.

Let's play quidditch.

This is a big problem.

I cannot add milk to this tea.

You need to help him.

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Do you know who Sofoklis is?

I want to come home.

I know them better than you do.

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I'm sure Kriton has plans to do that.

We can find societies without science, without art or without philosophy; but there never was a society without religion.

The two men had much in common.


We heard Tarmi was in trouble.

Defend yourselves.

I knew it would never work between you and Howard.

Shizuko composed a poem about the change of the seasons.

Rajesh was bullied when he was a kid.

Can they hear us?

Guy is a bit shy.


This area has been considerably built up of late.


To save the earth, all of us must do something.

Where does the airport bus leave from?

The red traffic light indicates "stop".

I didn't know you still cared.

I'm sorry that I can't be who you want me to be.

I had to get away from Kenneth.

Distrust of the Social Insurance Agency and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare just keeps getting stronger.

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She took her bike to the store.

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There is a darkness.