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Peking University

Double major in Physics and Computer Science

Expected to graduate June 2019

I am currently a junior student at Peking University, Beijing, China. I am currently pursuing a degree in Physics and Computer Science. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have diligently devoted myself to these two areas of study and earned an overall GPA of 3.5 according to my college scoring system.

I decided to pursue Computer Science as my main focus last year. In my myriad of extracurricular activities, I am participating in Professor Xiaoming Li’s research group, improving algorithms for data streaming tasks.

I graduated from Beijing No.4 high school which is ranked first in Beijing. I was trained as a member of the school team to compete in the The International Physics Olympiad (IPHO).

When I entered high school, my piano skills reached the level of professional player and I attended the selective trial for International Smetana Piano Competition. Now, I play in the piano club in Peking University and study music theories as a hobby.

Research experience

My main focus are data streaming algorithms and machine learning.

I am now in a research group of the Institution of Network Computing and Information Systems at my current university. During the previous semester, I worked out an improved algorithm for the frequency estimation problems in computer networks, using probability-based adding to make better use of the memory.

In addition, I completed projects using learning algorithms with my research teammates, including Chinese word segmentation and verification code recognition. In these projects, I gained general knowledge of the basic learning algorithms like SVM, KNN and perceptrons, and deep learning algorithms like CNN.



When it comes to languages, I am a bilingual in Chinese and English. I feel comfortable in doing academic reading, writing, and speaking using both of these two languages, as I scored thirty out of thirty in the TOEFL reading section and twenty-nine in the listening section.


For programming languages, I use C++ on a daily basis and I also could code in Python, making use of those powerful packages and libraries.

I completed quite a lot of Online-Judge coding problems and executed several projects so I strongly believe I am capable of writing exceptional codes in these languages. Since I also major in Physics, I know other softwares including Mathematica, Matlab and ROOT, a modular scientific software framework.


I have a lot of hobbies! Harvesting a wide range of interests that began from a young age, I enjoy classical music very much and I’m very talented at playing the piano. I also understand basic music theories, especially in harmonic analysis and polyphonic music like the fugues by J.S. Bach. I am passionate about calligraphy, in both English letters and Chinese characters. I am also a great fan of chess.

Honors and awards

China Undergraduate Physics Tournament, 2016.5
won third prize and was awarded with a complete set of Series in Theoretical Physics by Landau.

China Undergraduate Physics Tournament, 2015
participate representing Team Beijing and won third prize.

My Projects


Space Game

a gravity based game using C++ with Qt5


Chinese Word Segmentation

using Sighan 2004 training set to train a perceptron