Tell us about yourself.

Astronauts practice all of the jobs they will need to know during their space mission. They practice these jobs many, many times.


They have enough help.

You may choose whichever you like.

Don't lose your sense of humor.

Philippe ran his hand through his hair.

I met two foreigners, one was from Canada, and the other from England.

I was talking about them.

I told you to leave them alone.

I can't work with these people!

Eileen gave me a pamphlet.


You came in late.

There are a lot of people.

How are the odds?

For Naresh, the gun is a weapon.

The badly decomposed body of a young girl was found on the side of a highway.

A dog who is a good barker is not a good dog.

Phone robbery thwarted in unusual manner.


Apparently, Jonathan had a lot on his mind, so I just left him alone.

I'm on the roof.

Cats have seven lives.

"What toppings do you want on the pizza?" "Anything but anchovies."

Have you shown Randell your wedding pictures?

Is Kumi playing tennis?

I love watching TV.

I hope that all this ends well and end quickly for you.

I like what I've seen so far.


Could you speak more slowly?

Your handwriting is messy.

Bud could get hurt.

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I enquired of a passer-by which road to take.


Most of the adults there were swimming with their children.


Jeffrey had trouble finding his key.

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Thanks to which I was up nearly all night.

He is buttering up to his boss.

If you happen to see Maurice, could you ask him to give Piercarlo a ring?

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Let's just get this over with.

We just want to buy enough for three people.

We should listen to him.

As soon as Gregge gets here, we'll eat.

I see your cat in the garden.

I don't need this anymore.

His grave is there.


The bed creaked again.

I like dogs very much.

Mitch is alive!

Oleg is pretty competitive.

With this tutorial you will use the sample manga to become accustomed to the procedures for seeing the manga including download.

She radiates with charm.

We must stop them.

Go there and talk to her.

This time I hadn't converted my money yet, so I needed to change Yen into Yuan.

It is seven in London now.

Everybody knew that she spoke very good English.

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English Wikipedia will be unavailable today.

The children are at play in the garden.

His mark's lowering was progressive.

Let's help each other.

It would be nice if that were so.

In war the law stays silent.

Stop contributing to Tatoeba. You're addicted.


He was utterly perplexed.

I've got my pride.

There are only two seasons in the tropics.

Jinny doesn't like going to the dentist's.

Do you mind if I leave early?

Please continue.

For a language to be universal, it is not enough to call it that.

Mikey is bald, isn't he?

There have been a lot of complaints from consumers that our products don't last as long as we claim.

The universe is still growing outward in every direction.

She is so tall!

It was interesting to hear about school life in Britain.

These two parts are interchangeable.

How do I know that you're not going to try to kill me?

He yields to nobody in love of music.

I repair computers almost every day.

I never wrote to her, despite the urge to do so.

Bobbie pulled the mask off his face.

Shall I draw you a picture?

I tried to fulfill my duty.

Gabriel prefers the calamansi juice.


I also need a pillow.

I fear for the future of humanity.

Ken likes camping.


The gallbladder is found adjacent to the liver.


I'm glad to be back.


I need to find a job.

Which of them do you prefer?

His name was Geppetto, but to the boys of the neighborhood he was Polendina, on account of the wig he always wore which was just the color of yellow corn.

Do you think I need a haircut?

I don't feel like speaking German.

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If it has something to do with Toft, I'm interested.

Today, automobiles have taken the place of horses as the principal means of transportation.

Is there a river between two parks?

It's been three weeks since Orville broke his arm.

This can be fixed.

Ernst was Catherine's friend.

I am not at all young anymore.

As for the scheme I had in my head, it was not a bad one in itself.

Pray without ceasing.

Who do you think is a better cook, you or your mother?

Janet was attacked by Those's sister.

They see each other.

They grow fruit here.

I'm not telling you anything.

I don't think that's the problem.

He's better at the piano than I am.

Do these all cost the same?

Yesterday, Johnathan cleaned the house and washed clothes.

What is wrong with you?

His plan leaves much to be desired.

I think ambition is good.

This makes me curious.

You're going to be jealous.

How much are you going to get paid?

Unfortunately, it's not a photomontage!


I didn't understand in the least what he said.

When did you first notice that your wallet was missing?

Mason is on his own.


He has a very dry sense of humor.

I am in San Diego and you guys need to come visit me!

You're not supposed to be here.

Tell me why you don't like her.

Did you actually see Frank?


In the United States, an honor society is a rank organization that recognizes excellence among peers.


What am I supposed to do with this?

Not everyone is ready to take responsibility and expose himself to risk of making mistakes.

I'm afraid, I can't come on Monday.


Frederick was a late bloomer.

Ernie seems to be paying more attention in class today than he usually does.

The skyscraper is in the downtown.

The goods were seized by customs.

I'm a socialist.

The poor boy was knocked down by a car.

The less you learn, the more you'll fail.

She accompanied her speech with gestures.

I found the track of the tire.

I'm going to call at his house tomorrow.

Ric told us to take our time.

He had his share of luck.

It wouldn't be very difficult for us to do that.

When I entered his room, he was reading a book.

Are your German books good?

Are you telling me that I'm going to be all right?

We've got to warn them.

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A thousand pardons for coming into your house so late.

You're in your prime.

We have rejoiced over his discovery.

When will Earth meet its end?

Have you ever seen Barry when he's mad?


Sonja probably had a good reason for leaving early.

Can you read?

Nguyen wanted to pull the trigger, but couldn't.

The Diet will adjourn for three months.

It is not known when he came up to London.


Did you happen to see him?

If you listen to great music even the most common things become something magnificent.

Wolfgang will work.

Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena.

For us, school was a place to get away from as fast as possible.


I wish I could figure out how to embed a YouTube video.


Vijay walks.

Jon eats like a pig.

Our store sells a wide range of fashionable clothes.

She is very sick.

She fell in love with her therapist.

Nothing is as useful as a photocopier.

I have a habit of getting up early.

He has appeared as the man of the day in today's paper.

Lindsey gave Darryl his credit cards.

Hard work really does pay off.

Despite the fact they set their heart on convincing him, he maintained his opposition to the project.