I've never lied to you before.

He's a liar, and you're another.

A basketball team consists of five players.

Kazuhiro is the kind of guy that argues for fun.

The Solar System has four terrestrial or telluric planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Aaron and I aren't the same.

You're quite safe.

Almost everyone I know has a bicycle.


This is an impossible task.


Wasn't Suu supposed to be here?


Sheila is almost as tall as his father.

I try not to judge my friends' decisions.

I want to hear the whole story.


CK should definitely go Sony!

The answer is far more easily discovered than the proof.

You could've gone.


Does this building have an elevator?


The pride of New York is its museums.


You always sing.

Do you like Mexican food?

She did pretty well.


You have certain privileges and therefore corresponding responsibilities.

The police looked into that incident.

At that time, my house was under construction.

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How many months can you stay here?


Where do you use French?

Bob has been like a father to me.

Jim managed to control his anger.

What time did you leave work yesterday?

I feel very feverish.


This tastes a lot better than what I usually eat.

It's the biggest building in the city.

Do you have any comments?


The fastest runner can't run 100 meters in 9 seconds.

The child was comforted by his mother.

Society is the most evil of necessities.


I haven't felt like this since I was a teenager.

Pratapwant has been here.

Dawson threw the Bible in the fire.


Statistics don't always tell the whole story.

Check out the woman over there!

I changed my mind about going out and stayed home.

Let's hope Antony finds something.

I'd like to believe that.

"How long till dinner?" -"Five minutes."

Ofer said he saw Earl yesterday.

I am shocked and appalled at what I have just seen.

Barton killed Marnix in self-defense.


Could you please tell me how to do that?

Vince was absolutely sure of himself.

Are you sure you're allowed in here?


There are different expectations by the public.


It is common for people to wear wool hats in winter.

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I should probably spend some time with Danny.

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I'll get fired if they find out.

Why won't you tell me where we're going?

Pamela is standing nearby.

Will arrived last.

The train departs in five minutes.

I really wish you'd do this for me right now.

It's no use talking to Ernst.

Who else knows about this?

What's your favorite part of that movie?


Carole just got a great job.

I didn't want to involve them.

As soon as the game started, it began to rain.


He feigned indifference to the girl.


Irfan asked Jinchao to cook dinner.

I can't leave now.

A lot of young people went to Hawaii this summer.

A long caravan of camel was heading to the West.

We need to do both.


When will Sherman arrive?

As I opened the door without knocking, she lost her temper.

You'd make a cute couple.


I'd very much like to know your opinion.

The soldier groaned with pain.

Drew stepped inside the room.

The fish tasted like salmon.

I dare say it will rain tomorrow.

She's up the duff.

Is there a train station near here?

Could you excuse us, please?

It is not good wishing.


He went back to the drug store, located the machine, poured in the sample and deposited the $10.00.

I honestly don't get it.

The magazine jumped the gun and reported on the scandal.

She finished her beer.

Copernicus studied law and medicine at the universities of Bologna, Padua, and Ferrara in Italy.


The manager and coach stood on the touchline shouting out instructions to their team.


We both love you.

I don't want a bloody voucher. Just give me cash!

This band defines Korean screamo.

There are no stars in the sky tonight.

Why can't you stay with them?


It is unintelligible speech.


Life can get complicated.

I'll bet you looked beautiful when you were young.

Courage is needed to change a custom.

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I can stay up late since I am on summer holidays.

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My uncle is generous with his money.

The hotel spared no expense in the design of its presidential suite.

"What exactly do you like about me?" "Everything"

There is always another time.

Nobody is doing anything.

He laid himself flat on the floor.

My brand new blog is online!


Gerald is very close.

I can't remember what this is called.

He studied for an hour and a half every day.

Na'vi language is used in Avatar.

Randall should get some rest.


The show's Friday.


It is all right so far.

I'm grateful for your help.

How many innocent civilians were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


I was really happy for Hy.

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The Talking Cricket was right. It was wrong of me to disobey Father and to run away from home. If he were here now, I wouldn't be so hungry! Oh, how horrible it is to be hungry!

I think Carter should see this.

Are you going with me?


Did you do this on your own?

Teriann doesn't even bother to insult me anymore.

Hear me out.

Betsy is a beginner.

The coalition of the willing.

When did Anne get back from Boston?

I will hide it.

I want to ask you some questions.

I'm just telling you what I found.

Ssi is doing a great job.

I brought one back.

Someone needs to take the bin out.

That was risky.

I'm apartment hunting.

Why are you so obsessed with cars?

The Japanese fiscal authorities are weighing measures to restore public confidence in their economic management.

I like dark chocolate.

How many employees work at this company?

I remember that Lenin listened to theremin in 1920 (but of course I wasn't there in person at that time).

Because he is old, he, too, has grown weak.

What a lot of books! Do they belong to the university library?

"Mom, can I buy me an ice cream?" "No way, because if I let you, it will spoil your dinner."

I have some more questions.

Please contact me by letter.

That won't work, trust me.

I've been hoping to meet you.

You remind me of Panzer.

The problem is that he hasn't got any money.

Dan posted missing person fliers everywhere in the town.

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Life is too short to learn German.


One must learn letters, and learning them have sense.

He respected Mr. Hayakawa.

Shane carried everything he owned in a small suitcase.

Amanda told me what he saw.

Tricia sent Saumya's letter back unopened.

The system is finished with repairing after three years of voluntary work.

He tried to adapt himself to his new surroundings.

You're illiterate.

Roberta pushed his plate away and said that he had eaten enough.


I drove to town and went shopping.