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Our services

Muzify is an e-commerce and financial services platform for anyone looking for a one stop shop solution to address all kinds of sales online, from a simple e-commerce shopping cart to a crowdfunding campaign and a pre-sales or merchandise on demand project. In the process of developing web solutions we also design, plan, program and implement complex web and app solutions to our clients as well as help them develop their business ideas by stressing them on the Lean Canvas and detailing scopes of work and business plans.


Crowdfunding projects are 100% assisted by our team. We help the artist to achieve their goals step by step, from the concept of the project to the video, text, money goal and rewards. We are constantly sharpening our platform and features to make the most out of the artist's potential.


Direct-to-Fan and direct e-commerce pre-sales are offered to increase awareness for a special release of an EP/LP or event like a future show or tour. On pre-sale projects there are no minimum goals and all rewards can be produced on demand and to bundle with music products. Read more

Merchandise On Demand

A new way to deal with merch sales; we create the store, design or use existing merch and take care of the fulfilment for the artist. We only produce the merch after the sales period for each item, saving time, money and logistics. All hosted and delivered by our 302-629-5906.

Design Services

We provide design services to build websites, brand and merchandise ideas for artists and bands. Having killer designs is an essential part of a successful merchandise, pre-sale or crowdfunding campaign. Read more

Highlighted Clients


Larchmont Sanctuary Spa Business


Pre-Sale Campaign for the new EP "Transcended" Music


Avery - Limited Edition Swag Wear Music


Get Katie Salazar to the VOICE! Music

About Muzify

We are a group of technologists and music industry veterans that realised there are too many opportunities left on the table and only one or two options in direct-to-fan and fan funded solutions. Each of them, offers a specific service but none addresses them all. We are here to change that and make it comfortable and unique for our customers to choose which is the best way to go...

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