The shoes are worn out.

Joan is running in the city.

Your eyes are beautiful.

Is your father's friend a woman?

Your short hair suits you.

He studied on his own account.

Woody found himself at the emergency room.


There was nothing he could have done.

I'm not in it for the money.

He was in time for school.

We are going by train.

Dan rented that car from London.


It's not because I don't want you to laugh at me, it's because I'd like rather to laugh at you.

Men believe that discussing problems is a waste of time.

I've misjudged you.

The White family will arrive in Tokyo at ten thirty.

Horst likes basketball a lot.

The humidity is down.

She is not as punctual as her little sister.

You don't have to change.

Mario has friends here.


He asked me what I needed.

Let's try to be sensible about this.

I stayed indoors because it rained.


The treasure lay hidden for a long time.

No one can understand your letter.

Kurt is doing the shopping.

Angela has been waiting here for a long time.

He quickly climbed into the tree.

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I lost heart.


Things got violent.

Joanne wished to sink into the ground for shame.

Dan's children were asleep upstairs.


Are you still dizzy?

I bought this TV from Art.

Don't be such a pig! Leave some for everyone else.

We have to call on him tomorrow at any rate.

Kyle is the owner of the company.

I didn't steal Knapper's wallet. You can check my pockets.

I've had a pleasant evening.

Triantaphyllos has a good memory.

I've noticed that.


To unshrink your T-shirt, first put it into cold water with some hair conditioner.


Your breath smells.

I might talk to them.

She couldn't handle it anymore.


I don't like feeling helpless.

People who do bodybuilding are called bodybuilders.

I can't help feeling sorry for the girl.


I'm going back to college.

It will not be long before you accommodate yourself to the new circumstances.

Town criers used to tell people what they must do, according to the king's orders.

Did you just make that up?

I never lied to her.


The forest is very beautiful in the fall.

Have a nice weekend!

He had to save the princess.

I hope you didn't misunderstand me.

Show yourself.

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We just need to talk to her.

I like city life very much.

Did you find any fingerprints on the wineglass?

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At forty, he does not get as angry as he used to.

He got up late, so that he missed the bus.

I wanted to buy you something nice.


It is by no means easy to master a foreign language.


I wish to see my father.

He looks pale. He must have drunk too much last night.

I do not know how to use it.

It wasn't Sunday that she visited me, but Monday.

Merat is the only one who knows what to do.

Perhaps Carisa was feeling ashamed.

That was right of them.

There is nothing left to buy at that store.

She suddenly fell silent.

I hurt my knee.

He's doing something there.

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Kenya used to be a British colony.


We should make every effort to maintain world peace.

Edmund drove past Plastic's house on his way to the supermarket.

Benjamin grew up in foster care.

I'm sure Philippe will be here by 2:30.

He deals in whiskey.

I couldn't look at it any longer.

I've been coming to work one train earlier lately.

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It wasn't me who insulted you.


What's his name?

They got to a village under a hill.

I'm back from vacation.

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This year's fashions are completely different from last year's.

Saturday is the day when he is free.

We go to the Buddhist shrine. It is beautiful.

The gate is too narrow for the car.

The doctor placed a stethoscope on the patient's chest.

Spring is over and summer has come.

In 1948, a Jewish state was founded.

"It's true, it's true!" cried Pinocchio in tears. "I won't do it again."

Some day you will regret this.

"That's what grandmas are for." "No, grandmas are for pwning noobs."

They tried to escape.

We paid him four dollars.

It sounded too good to be true.

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On the outside the school looks like a prison.

We all held our breath while we watched it.

That cloud is in the shape of a fish.

We've been married for five years.

You will soon get used to the change of climate.


Heidi didn't know the reason why Aimee didn't like him.


That's where I went yesterday.


In fact, I don't want to know anything.

Can Kim help us?

For men of that culture, women with extremely long necks are considered attractive.

There are beautiful flowers in the garden.

What's with the rush?

He was working hard on the field last night.

I drive to the office.

Bertrand stifled a groan.

I heard someone shouting my name.

Sometimes, I think Curt isn't listening to me.

Julianto had a splenectomy.

Are you two busy right now?

Wendi was rejected.

Jayant kept singing.

Liber ought to be here.

He welshed on his gambling debt.

Whose pens are these?

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Gossip that the diva had gotten married was spreading.


You'll get your turn.

We did a lot yesterday and are tired today.

It was the gamekeeper who found the body.

Are you lucky?

In culinary, can you substitute sodium bromide for sodium chloride?


I've got three times more money as you.

Where's Toronto?

Try to imagine the situation.


Do you see a queen?


I guess I just don't get it.

Karl had an alibi for the day of Olaf's murder.

Phil helped Sjaak move the dresser.

Eschatology is the study of end-times: personal and corporate.

My opinion is a little different from yours.

We had some unfinished business to attend to.

Everett is being quite obstinate, isn't he?

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I didn't know what to say, but I called her anyway.

If we carry on like this, we'll never get married.

I hope to see you.


Yesterday, I read a really interesting story.

She writes to her pen pal in London twice a month.

Is there a problem with her?


I'm staring again.

I have a normal eyesight.

I woke up too late.

It has a wingspan of about four inches.

Spyros almost never eats junk food.

Francois almost never lies to Hitoshi.

I really regret what I did.

It seems like a fair offer.

While the civil war went on, the country was in a state of anarchy.

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It's like water on the duck's back.

Panos is aware of all this.

I want to dispose of the land.

The plan should be carried through.

May I have your attention?

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His dream is to become an aerospace engineer.