The law is full of ambiguities.

The half life of actinium-225 is approximately 10 days.

Things got violent.


Why doesn't anybody help us?

I thought a walk in the park might take our minds off our troubles.

They looked up to him as their leader.

It is regrettable that you did not start earlier.

I want to buy a new computer.


He's the enemy. Don't you understand?

He speaks broken French.

Would you be able to call a doctor for me?

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I want to marry Martyna.

I want to do something special.

Cary has been talking to Jon about me.

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How many parking places are there in this garage?

Some birds migrate to warmer regions in the winter.

I learned with consternation that my fears had come to pass.


All of my friends are out of town.

They are building an apartment building next door, which will ruin our view.

How about getting some coffee?

Let me introduce you to Anna.

Brandon could barely speak French.

She was more beautiful than all the others.

After the operation he stays under observation.


Father, today I'm going out with some friends. Of course, that's if you will allow it.

Lowell just wanted some peace and quiet.

Justine made short work of her opponents in her own personal variant of chess.

Marty has been asking stupid questions all morning.

He did not agree.

What is there to see in Nantes for a tourist?

I had difficulty convincing her of the dangers of smoking.

That's what I do all day.

We had quite a disagreement about it.

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Cristina and Jeannie understand each other perfectly.

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Many politicians fail to keep their word.

She decided to marry him even though her parents didn't want her to.

The best defense is a good offense.

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It was ironic.

It goes without saying that health is important.

I'm having a very hard time finding a job.

"Did you like my apartment?" "Yes, it is very comfortable."

I'll call Cindie tomorrow.


I'll make some coffee.

I want to buy a word processor.

She came across a wolf.


Deborah walked out the door.

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You've got to learn to be careful.

Huey doesn't know if he has enough money to buy school supplies.

Why me?

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Let Pim have it.

Both French and English are spoken in Canada.

I've never considered it.

Theodore found that book difficult to read.

I was so drunk last night.


We should deny our children things too sweet.

Brett felt extraordinarily happy.

Ralf isn't good at hiding his emotions.

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Which plan do you believe is better?

It may not be necessary for you to do that, but I think you should.

The sun was shining gloriously.

The discussion came to a conclusion.

What is this cake called?

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I resumed my place at the table; but the dinner was finished, and the wine had no further relish.


Let's stay in close contact.

When was she ever going to learn this language ?

Tulips come into bloom soon.

I said I think I might be ready.

I have to book a hotel room.

Monica said he'd be disappointed if we couldn't come.

He visited Boston.

Phillip is out of the picture, since he's too young.

You're perfect at everything.

She was equal to the job.

Ahmed clasped his hands together.

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Why would anyone want to steal any of this?

Christmas is just two weeks from now.

I just kept my mouth shut.


It could have been worse.

We've run out of money.

Stand the ladder against the wall.

Vivek raised the flag.

I'm sorry, but it's just not possible.

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Earle takes very good care of his car.


A bomb from the time of World War II has exploded at a building site in Germany, killing at least one person.

I couldn't help but follow her.

We did not know what fish to catch first.

Never in my life have I seen such a peaceful sight.

Have you ever done anything like this before?

I eagerly await your decision.

Now what's the problem?

We've been friends a long time.

That's my problem with Vickie.

I'm sorry to disturb you, but we have a big problem.

You're a troublesome person!


There are two zombies inside my house.


France has a higher birthrate than most of Europe.


Harris has been talking on the phone for an hour.

Just talk to me.

I'm yours.

Well, he's a right scallywag.

Where's the guy who beat them?


The USA is a republic.


Dean does whatever we tell him to do.

He's easy to impress.

Have you started learning English?

What are you crying for?

I tried to convince Eliot to go to Boston with me.

Who is on duty?

Juliane has never said such a thing.


Hank was frisked by the police officer.

He dumped me over the phone.

He made for the door to answer the knock.


There is no need to draw a hasty conclusion.

Sometimes she drives to work.

Gaza is one of the most overcrowded and poorest colonies in the world.

It's been raining all the time recently.

"What have I got, doctor?" "A cold."

Snip, snap, snout, this tale's told out.

Why don't you want to clean your room?


Now, I want you to listen carefully.

She likes to humiliate people.

It is shameful for you that any (penalty) whatever should be lacking which any one might wish to exact from these men.

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I only met him once.

We're usually at home in the evening.

I have made him angry.

It went on for days.

I'm not going second, I'm going first.

Don't lie about her.

Goodness knows why he's been picked for the national squad - he's been terrible all season!

I'd like to join a night bus tour.

Celia is doing very well in French.

Don't let anyone enter the room.

"I'm soaked with sweat.' "Step back. You stink!"

What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?

Marie had a cat.

Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

Helge refused the offer because she thought she could find a better place for herself in the bank.

Can we do it?

He was sick, but he went to school.

I didn't call an ambulance.

I'm also interested in Greek mythology.

That's how it works.

I need glue.

It is imperative for you to finish by Sunday.

I don't want to go and I know you don't want to go either.

It serves him right that he missed the last train.

I don't know when Hubert will get here.

Eddy is going to run in the election.

Go tell him how you feel.


The room echoes with his voice.

Clara can't hide the truth from Shankar anymore.

I can recommend a good hotel.


Pioneer 10 returned the first close-up pictures of Jupiter, measured the temperature of Jupiter's atmosphere, and mapped its magnetic field.

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Alain was injured in a car accident.


That's a very complicated question.


What's everybody laughing about?

I ain't helping you no matter what.

I didn't send Hy any wine.


Why aren't you wearing those earrings I gave you?


Plastic and Colin put their pics online.


There's no free lunch.