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Where are you guys now?

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I need to sleep a little.

Do you happen to know where she lives?

All the best wishes on this wonderful day.

I need a five-minute break.

You must be very naive to be taken in by such a story.

We just have to get out of here.

Could you do me a really big favor?


I am food.


I had two dogs.

I never want you to step foot in that bar again.

The dog barked at the mailman.

Whatever happens, don't use this phone.

Rob often talks to his dog.


I've told them where to meet us.

I've been poor.

Janet isn't the only one who feels that way.

It just turned out that I had to do it.

I've never been sedated before.


This one's a little harder.

It looks like it's going to rain.

Hienz has always been a gentleman.

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We've got to call the police.


I eat breakfast before work.

I think it looks great.

Did you tell her about it?

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The bassoon is a stumbling block in the english translation.


Daniele never seems to spend much time studying.

You can come at your convenience.

Art takes many forms.

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

One mustn't smoke because it causes illness.


It was worth the wait.

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He remembered that room 418, which was very small, was vacant.

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Venkata died of pneumonia.

It's about to get worse.

I gave Peggy a chance to work for me.


By the way, have you heard from him lately?

I want you out of here by tomorrow.

I have taught my dog to sit up and beg.

Angus was badly injured.

I can work anywhere I want.

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I feel very sorry for him.

Rajesh ordered a cup of tea.

Hohn didn't eat anything until he got home.


How will it end?


That's what I call a self-evident proposition, as the dog's-meat man said, when the housemaid told him he warn't a gentleman.

I've finally made a decision.

It looks like it might rain. Don't forget your umbrella.

He laid bare his secret feelings.

Barrio began to understand.

He had a new idea.

This necklace is made of jade.

Luis went to the circus with Terry.

I really admire you.

Have you listened to this song?

That made us smile.


I'm going to try to talk to Vice about this.

Just then she came into my room.

I only figured on staying with this company a little while when I started, but before I knew it I'd become an old timer here.

How do you know?

Do you think Evelyn bought that?

She hates me.

Don't you think it's wrong to cheat on an examination?

The sun disappeared behind a cloud.

We were having problems with Scott.

Lois and Moe have three grown children and two grandchildren.

When was the last time you bought shoes?

Please find someone who speaks French.

I'll go to bed before 10 pm.


Kathleen usually wears a conservative suit.

I'll check again.

The couple had a son.

Australia is abundant in minerals.

I got here as fast as I could.

The movie is far worse than the book.

Last night, I was so tired that I fell asleep with the TV on.

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Today the teacher chose "Chinese culture" as a topic.

Is it all right if I go to Boston with Vincent next weekend?

Oranges are graded by size and quality.


I watched it on YouTube.

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We had a heavy frost this morning.


With your permission, I would like to leave the meeting to go pick up my daughter at school.

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We plan to have a party for Wolf next Monday.

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We have dinner every day at eight o'clock.

It may rain, and then again, it may not.

This hotel is relatively expensive for this town.

I don't think Pascal heard you.

Who cares about what other people think?

It's great to see you so happy.

Were you busy yesterday?

The pasty was delicious.

They all looked busy.

That depends on how you deal with it.

Clarence attempted to climb over the fence.

I'm looking for a French penpal.

I want to know how they do that.

You would be a better person if you learnt humility.

Japanese beef was on sale yesterday.

My clothes get wet so I took off them.

Size does matter.

It was a week of alternate snow and rain.

I didn't manage to find the address of my hotel.


Does she have a boyfriend?

Betty doesn't blame Marilyn for being mad.

Bring her here immediately.


The doctor advised my father to give up smoking.


There's a bottle standing in the fridge.

It took me a while to understand what she was trying to say.

His words carry little conviction.

The village is now very different from what it was ten years ago.

A small boat is steered by means of a tiller fitted to the head of the rudder.

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Nobody knows the answer.

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He killed the old lady just for kicks.

I have to make some calls.

To do him justice, we must say that he is a minor musician.

Ken asked about his father's condition.

You may come in now.


Pandora knows people.


I'll be back as soon as possible.

Clayton can sing.

I think it would be funny.

I don't like being controlled.

I thought you were on duty.

Carlos said something in French.

Don't make it worse.

It is getting rather late. I think I must be going now.

Antibodies give a new lease of life.

I decided the same.

I guess I could use a shower.

Go and sit by your father.

The market is held every Monday.


Is Charles lost?

Why did you say that to us?

You've been here a long time, haven't you?

I love working with people.

He's the only one who's read this letter.

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The police caught up with him.

I know just what you need.

Please don't translate this sentence.

We kept fighting back.

The telephone is now out of order.


I'm going to turn Oliver in.

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It's not an easy question.

Are you the one who organized this party?

There is a big park near our school.


The scientist is conducting medical research.

Maybe we're both mistaken.

I could've met you at the airport.

Vishal is taking a shower.

Woody doesn't think there is any advantage of doing it the way you suggest we do it.


She became an actress the following year.


We've been so lucky.

I thought that was already obvious.

He robbed me of my new watch.


Nothing should prevent divorce.

Nicolo dumped the contents of his briefcase out on the table.

Good morning.

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How I've missed you!