Where did you sew them?

That's a very funny story!


I have made up my mind to work harder.


Stop stealing my sentences.

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It goes without saying that I love you.

Ole said that he couldn't possibly eat any more.

How many times did it happen?

I ate lunch two hours ago.

Can you please say that again?


This is a private matter.

I'm no longer groggy.

I have no more money in my wallet.

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Who is your favorite rock singer?


According to informed sources, ____ Ltd. is preparing for the move up to the first section of the Tokyo Stock exchange.


Her brother has been missing for a while now.

The periodic flooding of the Nile is very important to Egypt.

That shouldn't be hard.

I can only think of my wife as an half-paralysed animal.

I'm talking to him right now.


We have to figure out whether we have enough money to do that.


Whoever believes in him does not get condemned.

He brought his lunch today.

I need that information as soon as possible.

You're not surprised to see me, are you?

Can I sit next to you?

You shouldn't be alone, Socorrito.

We were unsuccessful.

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The empress is visiting Australia.

We can't do this now.

Unfortunately, a Japanese dub of the film is not included on this DVD, but at least there are Japanese subtitles.


The children were enthralled by the fairy tale.

This is a coincidence.

I don't want anything more.


He came right at the beginning of the game.

Asking a woman how old she is is not a good idea.

If you are not satisfied with your share, I'll make it a bit more attractive.

Thomas slept on an inflatable mattress.

Ian asked his father to give him some money for lunch.

Hello, Honey.

Yes, it seems it was a misdiagnosis.


You should give up smoking since it's unhealthy.

Fay doesn't like it when he doesn't have enough money.

Carisa followed Ritalynne's car across the streets of Boston.

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Listen carefully, or you'll miss what he says.

Jiri is unscrupulous.

I waited and waited.

What were you guys talking about?

I can't untie this knot.

Neville gave Saad a hearty welcome.

Give me your opinion, please.

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This is why I would like an extended visa as well as as funds for my stay.

I think I'll stay in Boston for a few more days.

Do you go shopping every day?

The police fined the driver who didn't obey traffic rules.

I wish I could speak English the way my teacher does.


Is it a big deal?

I'm off.

The cook is guilty.

What were the choices?

Don't make me regret it.


Do you want to talk about something?


Don't tell me you're leaving so soon.


Get her on it.

I hadn't seen him for ten years.

Rainer is very popular, isn't he?

I want to believe that.

You said you didn't want to go.


He played the piano.

Such a wonderful music!

Did you see the new function?

It is rude of him not to give me a call.

Juergen is a doofus.

Today is the fifth.

Edith can also speak French.


You owe me big time.


Nobody saw Adrian leave the room.

Jerald has no choice but to leave.

I'm the oldest of the students in my class.


Hiroyuki looks good, doesn't he?

Ruching and shirring are not the same thing. For starters, shirring involves elasticized threads in parallel rows.

Clarence is a jealous man.

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I believe you've dialed the wrong number.

Gregg is just trying to be romantic, isn't he?

It's lucky to be a man.

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Harvey shot at Dori with a revolver.

How did you come to know each other?

Tell everyone the truth.

Get away from the fire.

Where should I put my suitcase?

Call me when you get there, so I know you're safe.

He struggled to keep up with his classmates.


We had lunch at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

I want you to use it.

I was deceived by him.


The easier it is for an outsider to suggest a change, the more volunteers you'll get.

Well do I remember the man's name.

Let's see if we can get the gate closed.


I'm sorry to hear that Radek broke his leg.


Bradley was unable to wake Ravindran up.

As our time comes to an end, Winston, would you care to have the final word?

I'm very sad that you haven't bought any gift for me.

I didn't go to the zoo.

Are you the sheriff?


What'll you give Neville?

We have to take advantage of this situation.

They attempted to assassinate the president.

I will see him at the first opportunity.

Laurel means it.


We've decided to hire them.

Seymour is sitting in the car.

Self-harm is difficult to understand if you've never felt the need to practice it.

Bill often breaks his promises.

You betrayed me and then you escaped.


This is an obvious sentence.

Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

I don't remember you at all.

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I was late for the train.

The one who reads this report obtains all statements that are necessary to be able to check the facts by himself.

As well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.


It was Celeste's idea to rob the bank.

What good are those?

I was much confused by his questions.


I'm surprised Leslie isn't with Florian now.

Briggs was glad that Rafik was able to pass the test.

Frances is only a few years older than me.

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You seem disappointed.


My car, which broke down yesterday, has not been repaired yet.

I was waiting for you to tell me what you hope I'll do.

I can't bear the thought of losing you.

That's a given.

We exchanged greetings.

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We need money to do anything.

This law is applicable in every case.

My father likes his job.

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I didn't recognize you.

Knowing is one thing, teaching quite another.

I don't get why not all girls are lesbians.

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Is that really the reason why?

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I regret it.

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Not much has changed.

He held the trophy on high.

We don't have time to wait.

Vegetation lowers crime.

After a while, the protesting mob became disorderly.

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She is a college graduate.


Is it always so crowded here?


Kevin didn't feel embarrassed.

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I received an invitation.


I hope you have a speedy recovery.


I'll try anything once.

Elvis honked his horn.

The parade was led by an army band.