These are the trees on the leaves of which silkworms live.

I ordered way too much. I don't think I can eat it all.

How's the job?


She has a very strong personality.

We've been hit.

I think I had better have my sweater mended.

I'm sorry I don't know for certain.

For me, regret is the harshest punishment.

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You understand why, don't you?

Can I have a few words with you?

I just hope Meeks takes me with him.


Fanned by a strong wind, the fire spread in an instant.

Tell me when Ethan gets here.

The students grimaced at the teacher.

I phone him every day.

The cause of the accident is still not clear.

My father can be terribly childish, but he means well.

We've only been dating three weeks.


Can you swim across the river?

He lives alone in his flat.

Handball is a very popular sport in Denmark.


Did you tell them you were joking?

The book costs 4 dollars.

I'm of the same opinion.

Here's a good one.

Why does Deborah have to go?

This essay is much too long. You have to condense it by getting rid of all the fluff.

Don't tell me you don't know how to drive.


He has various knowledge.


He shall go to the bank.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Business and friendship don't mix.

Come down, Dick. It is time for dinner.

We played on the banks of the Thames.

Cats have seven lives.

What does she think of it?

We're getting close.

Who's going to notice?

The builder of those houses is unknown.

The meeting went on in this manner.

Sedovic has been looking into the problem.

The old antiphon came back.

Amy was wearing mirrored sunglasses and a black baseball cap.

I got up at seven in the morning.

At his joke, they all burst into laughter.

Aaron has been saying good things about you.

He illustrated his theory with examples.

This isn't surprising at all.

I'll take the yellow one.

I never knew his name.

Let's meet Granville.

Sherman seems slightly confused.


You have caught cold because of your sitting in the draught.


How can I embed the debt clock on my Web site?

Let's assume that I do believe you.

I want to help as many people as I can.

I do not want to ask for wine.

Did you get an answer from them?


Elvis came to see if Lucius needed any help.

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It's not always so easy to tell right from wrong.


How is your religion relevant on planet Mars?


She waited for him for hours.

He has much money but few friends.

Seenu bought a pair of black leather shoes.

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Saul didn't want to continue the conversation.


What would you expect to see?

I have always liked that record albumn.

Put your back into it, Jose.

I'm very afraid of snakes.

The absence of glasses notably affects the quality of life of those who need them.

Are you always like this?

Your people feel a sense of generalized hatred.

I really wish I didn't have to go to that meeting this afternoon.

The employees need to cooperate to lower expenses.


How did you spend your free time?

This is the same bicycle as mine.

We know you're busy people.

You need answers, don't you?

Panos doesn't have a TV at home.

Not only the balls; the bat was also stolen yesterday.

Children imitate their parents' habits.

Many of the students felt that the professor should have spent more time preparing his lectures.

Everyone knows I'm Kenn's girlfriend.

Samir arrived at just the right moment.

Gill has a part-time job after school.

Besides being a doctor, he was a very famous novelist.

The battle ended in a triumph for the Romans.

We were sitting comfortably.

That makes sense to me.

Cut them with a knife.

Let's congratulate her.

Rudy says that he wants to live a simple and happy life.

He is paid a handsome monthly salary.

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He stuffed the money into his pocket.


The advent of stormtroopers brought about a turn in trench warfare.

Ric said you didn't want Donn to be here.

They paid attention to her attitude.

Please listen to what I have to say.

Do you know when his plane is arriving?

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I don't know the reason why Morgan and Reid don't get along.

There are downsides to being pretty.

Serdar is still going strong.

We talked about boys.

You're forgetful.


Knudsen is fatter now than when I last saw him.

The bride suddenly laughed.

I thought I had enough money.

You have no right to say that.

Internet is very slow.


Don't mix up effectiveness and efficiency.


Buckle your seatbelt.

Oskar laughed uproariously.

I tried calling you at your office.

He is careful about his manners.

You have to get rid of your philosophy of novelties.

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Dawson is quite good-looking.


If he doesn't want to marry you, why did he get engaged to you?

I hear you're a poker player.

The dog was killed on the spot.

Have a good dream!

Eat it.


Why are you so awful?

Carter spent over three hundred dollars on art supplies.

We lit the candles.

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I'm delighted to see you.

Football is the most known sport in the world.

I'm not allowed to do that.

The dog bared its fangs and growled as I approached the gate.

I left home early because I didn't want to miss the train.

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The wind is blowing violently.


I'm over the moon.

I've had enough.

There is little water left.

I hope there are no hard feelings.

Don't fall asleep too soon.

I'm looking for some job or other.

Waves are beating the shore.

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The firm has a great deal of trust in your ability.

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I wanted to believe Shaw was lying.

Let's bring our troops home.

She was enchanted by his little laugh.

Lloyd has three brothers in Boston.

I admit that, without him, those ten years of my life would have been empty and without goals.


Look, I'm not doing this.

Soja is a food for animals that's full of proteins.

Though he dieted, he still could not lose weight.


Wes isn't all that tall, is he?

We go to see her twice a day.

I no longer need someone.

I'm feeling very comfortable.

His parents acted to calm him down.

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Vadim wants Charlene to help him with his homework.

Leila laughed mockingly at Dalton.

Lead us from falsehood to truth.

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The news will certainly devastate him.


Supply of oil from the Middle East may be disturbed.


Where have you been living?

What's your favorite hot weather drink?

Konstantinos has a kid, I think.

Our P.E. kit was just shorts but now it's spats from today.

I work at a language school.

I'm in complete agreement with everything he said.

Eli definitely doesn't want to be class president.