I must bring home to him the fact that he is wrong in this case.


We'll get right to it.

I knew you two would hit it off.

This umbrella belongs to her.

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Well, will Pushkin pay for the apartment then?

Perhaps we could get a drink sometime.

I think you'd better rest for a while.


I met a nice woman.


I left Curtis a message this morning.

They haven't yet resolved their problems, but at least they're discussing them.

He was eaten up with guilt.

I think we should sit down.

I think it's a neat idea.

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Why don't you do us all a favor and go back to wherever you came from?

Something is watching me.

He has dishonored the family.


Is it happening right now?

English is one language separating two nations.

He would leave the job to his vice president.

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Which parent does the child resemble?


Would you mind if I used your car?

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Maurice is the one who recommended Lonhyn for the job.


I only wish Daniele could be here.

You're barbaric.

Teruyuki hired a very good lawyer.

Start with books that you can easily understand.

Don't try to reason with people like Lyndon.


I didn't see their faces.

A contagious disease descended on the town.

We complained that the room was cold.

The article alludes to an event now forgotten.

He is apparently a pianist.

It is worth visiting that museum.

The new Harry Potter movie is pretty lame.

No matter what Ramsey wears, he always looks great.

Debbie and the others left early.

She did so for her own sake, not for your sake.

You'll be seeing him soon.

That's what I'm worried about.

I am playing the piano now.

No clouds were in the sky.

Tell me about those.

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Flowers grow in warm countries

The plot to assassinate the president was discovered just in time.

She came to the station to see me off.

We're prepared.

She need not have paid the money.


We were just friends.

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Stay calm, I will not harm you.

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I was ready for Herman.

You were wrong in not listening to him.

I fail to see.

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Do you have any comment?

There's a mirror.

Jagath dashed after Cyrus.


I caught a very beautiful butterfly.

The children are afraid of me.

She broke down when she heard the news.

I want to try and get a fish bone stuck in my throat.

The geophysicist teaches in the school.

Would it be OK if I used your computer?

It is generally believed that a trip to the moon will be made possible during this century.

They cut down many trees to build the boats.

For lack of evidence proving him guilty, the jury had no choice but to acquit June.

He is constantly finding fault with other people.

Mike should have already eaten by now.

The wind slammed the door closed.

I thought it would be easy to do.

Do you realize how much this is going to cost us?

That's his private website.

I'm OK with it.

I've been told Kayvan is going to be fired.


After all they came to terms with each other.

This year is 2015.

Bon appetit.

What do we tell him?

That would be courageous.

He dotes on his grandson.

The couple who came on a shrine visit, said, "We prayed that our child would grow up healthily."

I laid down for a short nap and fell asleep for two hours.

We can't let Ritchey out of our sight.

If your country doesn't let you camp for your rights, but lets you do so to see Justin Bieber, paste this on your wall.

He argues that the administration must look for alternative sources of revenue.

Catherine died three months before he was set to graduate.

Now, that's ridiculous.

I managed to finish preparing for tomorrow's lesson.

Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.

He has her on a pedestal.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.

We are already training for the eating challenge!

You don't seem too worried.


Pam gave me everything I need.

This season of Survivor! is starting off even better than I expected.

What is a space elevator?

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Nici tried the doorknob, but it wouldn't turn.

Do you like chamomile tea?

It was an amazing evening.

Niels has three sons and one daughter.

Tricia's dad is a university professor.


I am writing this letter to my wife.

She's anorexic.

What happens when we die?

We walked to the river.

She asked one question too many.

I don't think Harv would understand.

Now you can cross the road.


Once a fraud, always a fraud.

I just wanted to check my email.

Every morning she gets up early because she has to cook.

What's wrong, Tor?

My boss refused my request for a raise.

The two cities are connected by this highway.

How much time does it take to get from A to B?


Why are you mad at him?


I cry every time I watch this movie.

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This time, I'll check, double-check and check again.


It is under the chair.

You're the only person I know besides me who really understands this problem.

Joan is as charming as her sister.

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Because his father was working there.

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Now, that's just embarrassing.

I like my life.

His hairdo's out of style.

He's a true legend.

Of course, I'm serious! Is it not written on my face?

Don't you just hate the way Danny behaves?

What else can you tell me about Sanford?

He can drive a car now.

Put it on my account.

We all have dark secrets.

I enjoy life.

I happened upon Bernard at a restaurant yesterday.

The secret of influencing people lies not so much in being a good talker as in being a good listener.

People are getting scared.

What do you think I should wear on my date tomorrow?


Who did Pizarro kill?

The Japanese economy grew by 4% last year.

The teacher asked me how the moon differs from the earth.

Jisheng wasn't as busy as Jayant told me he would be.

Did you have a good meal at that restaurant?

She might possibly know the answer.

He had left his country one year before.


Why did you invite Butler to dinner?

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Do you have any idea what you're saying?

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You're the only one for me now.

It makes things easier if your matrix is sparse.

He's very jealous of his wife.

Lunch is served at noon.

My father gave me a watch for my birthday.


Guillermo is afraid of commitment.

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To a large extent this is a healthy attitude to have.

Would that be all right?

I do not have any money to buy a new bicycle.


That's easy enough to check.


The house has three floors.


The dog hid under the bed whenever lightning flashed.

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Tumblr is a popular blogging platform.

You must be kind to others.

It's a room large enough for a library.

Edmond stayed up past his usual bedtime.

From what I've heard, I think Dimitry is going to get fired.