Picture of Myself

About Me

I'm a Web Developer from Toronto, who has a love for design and pushing pixels. I also have a degree in philosophy, so I love being engaged in interesting conversations and conceptualising projects.

UI / Graphic Design

My graphics tablet and I are inseparable

Web Design

By utilizing the latest web technologies, I enjoy making Websites shine.


Exploring ideas in the digital world is my favourite pastime

Web Comic / Doodles

To keep my art muscles in top shape I often sketch out a comic or two

My Projects

Here are some examples of the work I've done.

Experiments and Future Projects

I like experimenting, and these are some examples.

Collaborative Drawing

The vision for this project is to create a drawing app, whereby friends can share a canvas with one another and take turns adding to a complete collaborative drawing. Stay tuned for updates!

Case Studies

Here are some case studies I've done regarding my work.
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My Blog / Web Comic

For my latest comics and thoughts, click the image below to go to my blog.
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If you liked this animated box effect, I've actually released it for free and you can find it HERE .