He will be a good husband to my sister.

You're waking up quite early today. Do you have something?

She just missed the last train of the night.

Let's just let them handle it.

Do you like Ramsey's tattoos?

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The House voted three weeks later.


Jerrie discussed with Ranjit a plan to rob the bank.

She dances well.

You can't enter that bookstore with your shirt off.


Tarmi turned around when he heard someone yell his name.


He killed the mood last time with his jokes.

You know you've hit the big time when you get parodied on The Simpsons.

He returns from Athens tomorrow.

A nice roast chicken is one of my favorite dishes.

Brenda is not afraid to ruffle some feathers.

I want Po to come back.

The cost of the book is 4 dollars.

Vice's house was on fire.

That's what Donald and Dani did.


Why does Boyd think I'm here?

I want to see them first.

Sherman is speaking in Dutch! I didn't know he knew this language.

I'm getting good at it.

I never trusted you.

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I am sure of his passing the coming entrance examination.


Lum didn't know what he'd do.

There used to be a grocery store around the corner.

I keep this little saint in my wallet because he brings me luck.

Do you like grits?

Lanny knew Tait understood.

I dipped my finger into the honey.

Let's get out of Boston.


It's easy to understand why Ian doesn't like Svante.


I don't know the word 'impossible'.

The tree is secreting sap.

If Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the history of the world would be different.

The Daito-maru is scheduled to sail at 4:00.

Justin isn't a vegetarian.

Whether or not we play an encore depends on the audience.

Religion is very personal. Practically everyone has really his own religion. Collectivity in religion is an artifice.

Are you competitive?

A man of sense would be ashamed of such behavior.

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I'm over the shock.


This further proof that the chairman of the board is a few croutons short of a salad.

He is more human in thinking than his father.

I'm reluctant to leave.


Laura pretended to get closer, only to turn around and run away at the last minute.

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"Did I mention that he's handsome?" "Yes, you did."

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Didn't madam Rodriguez want to see my essay?

I'll talk to him at the earliest possible moment.

That's what I'm assuming.

It rained all day yesterday.

The economy is improving.

Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.

I want to speak to her.

We are going to the country.

How did Joachim get hurt?


Tai doesn't have the nerve.

Don't do that.

I have time.

Nothing was working.

I'm waiting for the right woman.


This room is for individual use.


School begins on the April 8th.

If you sum up feminist counselling in a few words, I suppose it would be counselling done from a woman's standpoint.

Rodger doesn't want the truth to come out.

Would you like to dance with me?

Are you sure you don't want to go fishing with us?

It is worthwhile to love Christ.

I cannot moo like a cow. I'm a mare!

Would you pour me some water?

Save Floyd.

If you don't want to go to Roxanne's birthday party, you don't have to.

Do you know who bought your painting?


If that happens, you'll be the first to be notified.

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A good soldier considers his actions.

Everything turned out all right in the end.

She always looks happy, but she is not happy at all.


John had a novel idea.

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I should've tried to convince Lynn to stay.

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The sun and the moon had started to shine.


Interest in German is growing, particularly in China, India and Brazil.

Let's get down to brass tacks and talk business.

Presley died when he was thirty.


Japan disproved phony accusations of computer chip dumping.

Gigi won't get involved.

Lie down and make yourself comfortable.

He's very nice with her.

Thomas didn't have the courage to speak to Wolf.

They wanted to win the war, and win it right away.

I'm not the least bit worried.

I thought you said you had something to tell me.

Whose fault was it?

Don't you dare ask her that.

New York City has long been unusual because of its sheer size.

I will make up for the lost time by studying as hard as I can.

We had to check coats and hats.

Neurons are cells.

Cyrus blew on the embers, hoping to get the fire restarted.

I'm not sure that's what Bud really wanted to do.

I think I have to get moving with some work for the exams.

You can't get ahead if you don't work hard.

That flower has a powerful smell.


Tomoko almost started to cry.


Larry knows how to help us.

He has a naturally good memory.

I noticed, among other things, that he was drunk.

"A is equivalent to B" has the same meaning as "A is true if and only if B is true".

Make a sketch of your house.

Well, I'm here for you.

Do you have your iPad with you?


When the cat's away, the mice do play.

Guido agrees with Suzan.

I finally got them on the phone.

Put your back into it.

Why didn't you pick up when I called?


Who hired us?

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Visitors to Switzerland admire the Alps.

Josh is there now.

They would pretend to hate it.

What kind of car was it?

I spent no more than three dollars.

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Our professor is always on time for his class.


Actually this will be my fourth question.


She put the chicken in the oven.

It's too warm in here.

She did it anyway.

Cary doesn't want us to go to the police.

I said that ages ago.

Don't let appearances deceive you.

By the way, you're not the first foreigner who finds fault with this phrase, but it sounds quite natural to me.

We asked for the payment of his debt.

Dannie knows that Christian doesn't like him.

She repeatedly said that she was innocent.

Let the buyer beware.


I put earplugs in my ears whenever I play with my band at that club.

As Cyrus and Starbuck approached the station, they saw their train pull out.

Have you ever seen Tokyo Tower?

Suddenly, Hiroko burst into tears.

I'd be happy to keep it.

They aren't happy to see him.

Sheila is so desperate in her search for a husband - she's decided to have a blind date!

He said her mother doesn't love him.

Sunil treats me like I'm still a kid.


Dana didn't answer Bart.


Thank you for doing the cooking while I was sick in bed.

Do you like your teachers?

You read too much.

This is how I go about it.

My dog has been missing for three days.

Nobody goes to my country.

You're parked in my space.


She's every bit an English lady.


He is not there.

After having run for two hours he was thirsty..

You have to learn to put up with this weather.

I don't need my kids worrying about me.

There are three hundred applicants for only one position.

It's been two years since I saw him last.

Chip told me today that he loved me.

We should give Sofia some time by himself.

"O save my children!" shrieked the frantic mother, as she tried to rush into the burning pile.