What movie do you want to watch?

Aside from Chet, I don't know anyone there.


Silence is not agreement.

Ingo loves her.

Florian's parents live in South America.

I lose things all the time.

You should escape from here if you can.

I never dreamt that our company would expand its business to the U.S.

You will go to school.


I'm looking for my car keys.


His silence was a practical admission of guilt.

It was so nice a day that we went for a hike in the mountains.

He devoted his life to his company.

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They murdered Olaf.

Compared with the Chinese, the Japanese are poor linguists.

Can we turn on the air conditioning?

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My schedule is tight for the next three days.

Thanks for telling me.

We were also in church on Monday.


They were very happy when we arrived.


The population of the town was wiped out.

Intermittent flashes of lightning illuminated the dark gloom of the forest.

Jef doesn't sing well.

I play center in football and basketball.

Read what's on the label.

Markku is too clever by half for me.

Masanobu asked me whether I was busy or not.


On the whole, your idea is sound.

We know this song.

The sudden increase of ultraviolet rays made the researchers believe in the existence of ozone holes.

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Why's it so cold in here?

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Wes will want to know where you hid the money.


Sassan almost never gets sick.

My elder sister is afraid of all doctors.

Gregge couldn't stay awake during class.


Jiri lent Spencer his bicycle last week.

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If you read this sentence three times, a ghost will visit you in your sleep.

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He probably can't forget her.

I'm pretty sure Mac's wealthy.

Sorry that I've reduced you to someone to drag my luggage around!


I couldn't kill them.

Sanjib currently resides in Boston.

I used to tell him everything.

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Every new day you feel good.

I did something I regret doing.

Brad can understand perfectly well.


It was a blatant attempt to win Marnix over.

He fell and hurt his leg.

Despite numerous requests by their mother, the children would not tidy up their toys.

Terri is determined and hard-working.

You're not sleeping enough.

Should we run for it?

I've made a mistake in my calculations.

The only ones who know for sure are Lawrence and Kikki.

You have been banned from participating until further notice.

The sky was bright and clear.

It goes without saying that diligence is the key to success.


They just want to have fun.


Go put some clean clothes on.

It's like a dream.

Your suggestion is of no practical use.

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My brothers protect me.


The Kaiser asked Theodore Roosevelt to intervene.

Look at it.

You don't know what is losing your entire family on a war.


Please take a message for me.

Could you show me that necktie?

He was too young to live alone.

She wrote a novel about vampires.

The plane flew away in the direction of Hong Kong.

Read this right away.

I can't call Rhonda.


He did all there was in his power.

The bank has branches in all parts of the country.

I want a sub rosa investigation of the bodies.

Jane was boiling.

We don't use it.

It seems that Mr. Tanaka has taken his exam.

Takeuchi and Tracey must really be in love.

I've spoken with him.

He is blameless in this situation.

I could understand why Reid hated me.

Have you ever had dinner with your family?

Lisa has a grudge against Stan.

I wonder why would you say that.

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These letters can be typed by any secretary.


All except one agreed to his plan.

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This is the cheapest shop in the town.

Emil is not interested in politics.

She handed me my sandwich.

Pratt spends about an hour a day swimming.

Timo has confessed to these crimes.

His old company gave him the shaft. But I admire the way he turned bad luck into good and did even better with his own business.

I have other business.

The firm has its head office in Osaka.

Heather, is that really you?

I have two keys for the front door, but I can't find either.

When was the last time Jesse gave you a gift?

I didn't ask you.

Due to overfishing, some fish stocks are now at perilously low levels.

He arrived the day she left.

My words are golden.

Barrio smiled politely.

Be there by 2:30 for sure.

I did wrong in trusting such a fellow.

I wanted to go home.

Do you think it's dangerous to eat genetically modified food?

Allah is great!

You should've told me.

Ssi wants to come.

We are dying to know the details of his vacation.

They went to the music festival.


"Do you know where this camera was made?" "I think it was made in China, but I'm not sure."


Am I the only one who thinks this is too expensive?


I asked for her approval.

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Precision is important in math.

Rayan slipped something in Janet's drink.

How long did it take you to get to Boston?

Axel will find her.

Sri should be along any minute.

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What a wonderful present!

I saw Jess in church today.

I'd like to get started right away.

Joubert didn't utter a single word.

I'll never forget visiting Paris last summer.

There are some oranges on the table.

Nothing can change the look of a city so dramatically as the sudden appearance of a block of offices which towers above all the surrounding buildings.


I wish Lee could be here with us today.


The two brothers never reconciled.

What did you write yesterday?

Basketball is a lot of fun to play.

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Niels took some money out of his pocket and put it on the table.

Standing pools gather filth.

We offered him a nice job.

Siegurd's latest movie just came out. It's called "Tatoeba: Bad Gateway".

He looks better with short hair.

It is not my business.

He met her while in the U.S.

I've been debating whether I should mention it or not.

There will he find an Egmont and an Orange, the brave warriors of Emperor Charles, as wise in council as they are formidable in the field.


I'll do my best to be there by 2:30.

Good quality fruit is scarce in the winter and it costs a lot.

Is that supposed to be a compliment?

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You mustn't reveal my secrets.


His hat isn't on straight.

jEdit macros are written in BeanShell.

I bought more of those muffins you like.

Sanand took off after Fletcher.

You're from Iran.

When my wife's friend comes to visit, I find it hard to get a word in edgeways.

I have something important to report.


We have ways of making women speak; we have none for shutting them up.

I love rabbits ... with French fries and a good glass of wine.

We went to Barcelona.


This is what you wanted.


She was playing with her sister at that time.

Yes, she'll probably come home.

It's too hot inside.

Some would say that he's playing with fire.

I wish you hadn't seen that.