Can I take your order, ma'am?

Kathryn kept every love letter Kiki ever wrote him.

I know what you mean.

I certainly don't subscribe to the view that women are necessarily more moral than men.

His body was never found.

How about having a drink after we finish our work today?

The car is in front of the garage.

I'm there for you.

I never for a moment imagined that I'd be singled out for a full body search.

This tool is of great use.

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You've got to learn to be careful.

Shannon stared into Spencer's eyes.

We were impatient for the concert to begin.

You're patronizing.

She dresses smartly.


I saw a dog swim across the river.

I got that from him.

What do we know about him?

Sugih burst into laughter.

Sigurd won't speak to them.

I came to the conclusion that something was wrong.

He will think he has been completely forgotten.

Jennie tried to conceal the truth.

Everything fell into my lap.

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I hate to fight.


The trial will continue Monday.

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It's been raining again.

Harold is old enough to vote.

Everyone is more or less conceited.

Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.

I just want to know what I'm getting involved with.


We didn't try.

Tell him to stop worrying.

After ten years as business partners, they decided to part ways.

This is the spitting image of the real thing, perfectly true to life.

Her real name is Lisa.

Perhaps we should tell Jong about what happened.

I've still got a lot of work to do.

I'm mistaken.

A shoe too large trips one up.


Sanjib lied about taking the money.

How can we save them?

"One way or round trip?" "One way, please."


Maureen spent the whole day working on his French pronunciation.

I'm sorry if I snapped at you.

Rainer won't tell me exactly why he was late.

Can you replace Jane?

I don't care for foreign food.

Is Jurevis still staying with you?

Do your work.

We always may be what we might have been.

I might use it someday.


That book is theirs.

Can I ask for a clarification?

The court has to apply a balancing test.

The book is a sort of autobiographical novel.

I haven't picked up a single book this week.

Thanks, guys!

The snake has a split or forked tongue.

Great timing!

Would it be possible for me to get a cup of coffee?

Cristopher folded the paper.

Arthur turned and walked to the exit.

There are two hundred pages.

It's what we've always dreamed of.


He is as talkative as ever.

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I managed to bring him around to my way of thinking.


Do you really believe you can beat Vivek?

I have to be in Boston all next week.

To begin. There is the ordinary Brown Shark, or sea-attorney, so called by sailors.

I'll never let that happen again.

I remember that I met him somewhere.

They appointed him as a director.

It's your turn to answer the question.

The water in the basin has frozen solid.

I met him by accident.

Nobody answered him.

Let in some fresh air.

What can be keeping him?

I hate his parents.

He squeezed my shoulder.

I finished the job yesterday.

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Valentine's Day is celebrated in February.

I had no idea there'd be this many people here.

The explosion may have been caused by a gas leak.

I think that she is from Japan.

He didn't come to work with his car.

Let's meet at 2:30.

His colleagues are unpleasant to him. He's had enough.

How often do you ride a bicycle?

When our class performed a play, I took charge of stage effects.

He welcomed his fellow worker into his home.

I'll call you up later.

Edmund is supported by his family.

Even superheroes need an occasional break.


Are you pointing at me?


We'd like to see the results of the experiment.


I didn't do anything wrong.

Is your gun loaded?

We want you to have fun.

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"Hey, Kameko, don't you have a conscience?" "No." "You don't...? You don't have a conscience...?" "I had one, but now I don't."

I can remember the warmth of his hands.

She didn't want to go out anyway.

I heard a knock on the door and it was Mats.

Lots of people in Japan are indifferent to politics.

They're all high school students.

I'll see Valerie tonight.

I cannot understand why they are such good friends: they have little in common.

He has a fertile imagination.

Don't you ever have any fun?

Sedovic must be stopped at all costs.


Tapas are a typical Spanish dish.

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If you take a nap here, you'll catch a cold.


How fast Miss Kanda runs!

Dead men tell no tales.

There is a napkin missing.


"Could you pass me the sugar?" "Here you go."


You're an evil person.


Should you be out of bed?

She taught me so many interesting things.

Danielle is out of town again.


A fucking menopausal old bitch was complaining about me for no reason.


Raul had a job as a roadkill picker-upper and he found it very distressing.

Do you like this city?

What a beautiful morning for fishing!

Fly, thought, on wings of gold; // go settle upon the slopes and the hills, // where, soft and mild, the sweet airs // of our native land smell fragrant!

Can't you get somebody else to help you?

An undercover operative infiltrated the organization.

Merat told Valentin exactly what to do.

Anita is a lazy student.

Shawn can't have been all that surprised.

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I was listening.

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For this it's definitely worth coming.


Two hands clap and there is a sound. What is the sound of one hand?


Becky and John aren't brothers.

That's sensible.

Hanako grew taller than her mother.

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I won't lower myself to his level.

We swim together once a week.

Margot and Stan spoke on the phone.

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I should've told her the truth.

Christian looks dumbfounded.

Olaf has been sedated.

I bet Per knows how to swim.

The information is useful to a great many people.


I'll call back at four o'clock.

Pyramid scams depend on the recruitment of new investors to participate, but the numbers of people who must join to support the expanding pyramid grow so quickly that the pyramid inevitably collapses.

Suyog corrected the error.

You're the married one.

I have a cough.


They explained it.

Can you lend me yours?

It's Monday today.

We made you a cake.

The patient is in danger.

No drinkers allowed.

Catherine didn't have a sore throat.

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I'm afraid of him.

You just have to get out of here right now.

Hein showed Julie how to make sushi.

The intention that he is watching a television is nonexistent.

Kevyn has always been smart.


Who left their belongings in the meeting room?

Plastic is an impulsive buyer.

She is none the less beautiful for her faults.