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He demanded that his salary be increased.

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Sanjib didn't attend the meeting.

Omar definitely overestimates his own ability.

Claire seemed satisfied with Tammy's answer.


Gail was nice to Scot.


I've decided to resign.


Are you sure you don't have anything bigger?


You know better than that.

What good is that going to do anybody?

I have to excuse myself to Ann.


I've come under pressure from my boss.

If there's another war, we'll all die.

Vinod poured some milk from the bottle into a bowl for his cat.

Are you refusing my request?

Is that your new friend?

You are what you read.

Did you ask her why?

Keep them away from us.

Kolkka stood motionless, listening carefully.

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The air conditioner has got out of order.

That's a very naive question.

We played chess all night.


Molly wants to talk with you.

I think the hardest part of nursing is seeing lots of blood every day.

Nate bought it for me.

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Tell her this is urgent.

She's good to me you know.

She tends to accept new challenges with her head held high.

He's a snitch!

You should've left him alone.


Are you up there?

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I've been studying Uighur for two years now.

We'll keep doing this until someone tells us to stop.

The milk froze and became solid.

We're so excited.

Ray is feeling much better.


What is this world coming to?


A balloon is ascending into the sky.

She didn't like the idea.

Who cut the cake?

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Butler did a terrific job.

They ran out of fuel in the middle of the Pacific.

Not now, please wait a bit.

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I don't like to be interrupted.

You should look out for cars when you cross the street.

Did I tell you about my party this Friday?

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Don't tell me any more lies.


Jeany lives just a few blocks away.


I've got to get him to help.

There is a bus stop opposite our school.

When did you get to know them?

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When did you decide that?


We can't just leave them here.

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This restaurant is ridiculously overpriced.

I'd better go.

Tricia wants to learn.

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What will tomorrow be? The beginning or the end?

Do I have to go back there?

I didn't want to add this hoodlum as a friend on Twitter.

The patient was lying in the bed with his eyes closed.

I see some fishing boats on the horizon.


Such a thing cannot be found everywhere.

I saw that.

I don't think that will give you enough time to get there.

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I have been down with a cold.

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Many social and political problems in France contributed to the causes of the French Revolution.


I'm very reserved.

It's good to hear your voice again.

It wasn't as tough to do as I thought it was going to be.

I'd like to have a little chat with you.

It is not possible to not breathe and bathe at the same time.

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Niels told me to wait here.

I can't stop smoking.

Don't be shy in the company of others.

About how many books do you own?

It's a wildlife sanctuary.

It's one of my favorite books.

Are you hard of hearing?

Is this your car?

You only get one life.

As figures from the National Development and Reform Committee show, the Internet has developed rapidly in rural China.

Hartmann likes them.

There is a possibility that it will snow tonight.

Jared drank a second cup of coffee and ate another doughnut.

All Tolerant has to do tomorrow is go to school.

Seenu asked Chip to babysit his children.


They forced him to resign.


Don't you think it's really hard?


Claude comes from a very wealthy family.


Everyone's looking at Don.

Drink most, which will definitely sate you, of the coffee.

What's your favorite TV program?


Suwandi doesn't have a lot of time.

You make my day so much brighter.

Win doesn't watch TV anymore.

She went to the hairdresser's.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting world peace.


I don't know what to do and neither does anyone else.

This project will involve 50 trained staff members.

No more chatting!

Let me talk to them.

It took some 150 years of struggling for women to gain the freedom they have today.


Masanao was competitive.


I bought this car at a bargain.

It's all a big misunderstanding.

Where did you get on this bus?


I met his sister last week.

I wrote an email to my friend and he praised me for my writing skills.

The provisions ran out after a short time.

He answered as follows.

His action throughout was correct.

I don't see any fun in it.

I gave her a doll in return.

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How'd they treat you in jail, Murray?

Which chair did you put the book on?

Ira is driving me mad.

Mehrdad challenged Rik to another game of chess.

Would you get out of here, please?


How much did you pay for him?

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This soup needs more salt.

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It wasn't necessary for you to see him to the door.

This coffee tastes bitter.

Let's say you're right.


I don't know what I should say.


Jennifer couldn't be reached yesterday.

Wendell is being naughty, isn't he?

No one can see.

Can you describe them?

The truth is I don't like her.

She is a mere child.

If the music be the food of love, play on!

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Please take me home tonight.


I told it to my mother first and foremost.

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I'll see her tomorrow night.

Jock and Lars were both born in Boston.

Shane can't eat peanuts.

Huey seldom drinks coffee.

We really do need to talk.

Linda was so disappointed that she burst into tears.

It appears that he was in a hurry.


You're sure about this, right?

I think you should ask Stevan to leave.

He fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident.


He was roused by a loud knocking at the door.


What a fool I am to think that she loves me!

Does that seem strange to you?

Don't let anyone come near the fire.

I think she'll succeed.

Today I discovered that there's a movie called "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!"

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An electric heater warms up the ceramic tiles of the bathroom floor.