Valerie has been most than generous.

It would have been better if you had waited yesterday.

Harv thought Dean was really mean.

She knew it was a tough situation.

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The house stands by itself.

Sid wiped his glasses.

I take it Hughes is your boyfriend.

He applied for a job with the Bank of Tokyo.

The road is being repaired.

When do the guided tours of the president's house take place, and how much do they cost?

No matter how low the target, always aim higher.

How fast you walk!

Luckily, it worked.

For the first time, he stood to take a real interest in his studies.

"So, you'll go out with me if I don't have to repeat a year?" "I don't care for 'what if' stories."


His report has just been handed in.

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Eat with us.

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He cleaned out his saving on betting.


I hope this movie is really funny.

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Could you be careful with that?


I'm calling the police.

We don't have a choice, do we?

Donald was a bad guy.

No talking during the test, people.

Betty agreed to do so.

He took it for an implied rebuke.

We have very little time left.

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We may refuse to accept the proposal.


We are going to blow this place up.

Venkata shot at the deer but missed.

Did you get everything you asked for?

It was watery soup spiced with pepper and rancid oil.

My name sounds bizarre.

I want to get a connecting flight to Boston.

Triantaphyllos is unusually quiet today.

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I remember seeing him somewhere.

Everyone is entitled to be capricious now and then.

She looks nice and healthy.


Socorrito is a bundle of nerves.

I'm not confident about the future.

He loves her dearly.

Yesterday, a young missionary was at my front door, but I was not able to dissuade him from his faith.

Which brand of toilet paper do you usually buy?

Let's see if we can solve that mystery.

Michel doesn't like men who are stingy like Sanjay.

There are quite a lot of tribes in the world.

Stop underestimating yourself.

Where's the boss?

Terrance needs a lot more therapy.

He's our only suspect.

Connie promises the Scots the moon.

Thanks for your message.

This cover doesn't fit.


I don't know what she knows.


The little girl managed to keep silent, having been terrified by the lightning.

Due to a cold, I've lost my voice.

However, the moment was not very appropriate.

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Tell him I'm sorry.

I have no idea what we are doing in our math class.

We want to see him.


I thought I had seen Srinivasan somewhere before.

Uncontrolled, these forces may be dangerous and destructive, but once mastered they can be bent to man's will and desire.

Today the lighthouse is open as a visitor attraction, and it is popular for its good view of the shingle beach.

If I had enough money, I could buy this book.

I'd like to remind you that you're under oath.

I planned to introduce him to her.

What kind of gift are you planning to get Laurent?

Shatter is the last person I want to see now.

Hurf is one of the smartest men I know.

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A good many of the pictures on exhibition were sold on the opening day.

She takes great pride in her stamp collection.

I got the roller skates for nothing.


Don't let Sedovic get to you.

Elsa was a footballer.

Justice is the constant and perpetual desire to give to each one that to which he is entitled. Jurisprudence is the knowledge of matters divine and human, and the comprehension of what is just and what is unjust.

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I'll try to finish it in time as best I can.

Jerrie has a son and a daughter.

His dog was running in the yard.

Pilar should just tell Steen he made a mistake.

We're going to torture them.

Stanly and Anderson are probably together.

He felt that he was being used.

What were you up to last night?

Jarvis couldn't tell me what I really wanted to know.


You'll have to speak up.

I can't think of anything I'd rather eat.

I can understand this.


It was nice to do nothing.

This is your big chance.

We also failed to find gold in the brook.

Jesse thinks he's related to me.

Teri tried to leave, but Brendan blocked his way.

Nikolai doesn't want us to come.

This mistake is due to his carelessness.

She knows it.

The policies are quite clear.

Brandi is much taller than you are.

Please make certain your seat belt is fastened.

It started raining heavily.

I was just talking about her.

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She is used to sleeping in a tent.

I have much in common with him.

This is a dangerous thing.

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Show it to us.

I thought you were done.

Reid went along with the scheme.

Driving across desert landscapes can be dangerous when the summer temperatures are high.

Irish is the first official language of Ireland.

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Save me some ice cream.

I'll be free ten minutes from now.

I never even saw Elijah.

How much does Tahsin make?

I told Kent what I thought of his idea.

We're OK.

I have to charge the battery of my car.

Don't talk to me about religion.

It's not open for debate.

We cannot tear a single page from our life, but we can throw the whole book into the fire.

Do you have pictures of your kids with you?

You'll never be alone.

I missed the putt.

Linda had some jewellery on her.

The trains are running in this snow.

Let this be a warning to Dan.

What does Marika think about Algeria?


That's because they're the classic places for 'something' to appear. Like the grand piano that plays by itself, the human anatomical model that moves by itself ...


Everyone but Ross listened carefully.


Just because something is legal, it doesn't mean that it's ethical.

The Netherlands is a small country.

Why do we have to do this?


I'm going to make a cake for Sue's birthday.

The hard disk was completely destroyed.

Wayne is praying.

What happened to the ship?

That's really surprising.

We live in Boston.

How can you eat only rich food like this every day.

I might be dead tomorrow.

It's true that he fell in love with her.

His ideas never earned him a single penny.

I want it done within the hour.

I will accept his request.

Scott tricked Timothy into doing his work for him.

Rosa has been a secretary for many years.

You need to put some ice on your ankle to keep the swelling down.

That's so rude.

Noam tossed her hair over her shoulder.

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I don't let my kids watch TV.


I smelled Bruce's perfume, so I knew she'd been in the room.

Greece is one of the countries I would most like to visit.

You've lost some blood.

Kenton is lying in bed, fast asleep.

His boyhood experiences taught him what it was like to be poor.


Insure your house against fire.

The International Sun-Earth Explorer 3 (ISEE-3) spacecraft made the first ever direct cometary measurements on September 11, 1985 as it flew through the tail of Comet Giacobini-Zinner.

It was a scary place.

Tai couldn't hear what Cecilia was saying.

No, Dad!

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Brooke couldn't rule out the possibility that someone had lit his house on fire.


Lisa has a grudge against Stan.

The man kept talking for an hour.

He was accompanied by his wife.

I thought you were a scientist.

How important?

It has been over three years since I moved here.

I don't know why we came here.

I will keep these words my whole life.

Glynn never wears a tie.