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I'm getting more and more gray hair.

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You should have asked her for help.

Roberto doesn't like city life.

Troy's success spurred us on.

Iron ore occurs there in abundance.

Poor eyesight is a handicap to a sportsman.

Ken dare not try again.

We don't even know how to contact Kayvan.

Early man migrated to all parts of the world.

Trey seems to be bored with all of this.


I know Susan isn't alone.


He has a penchant for whistling at pretty ladies he sees on the street.

It's quite large.

"This is very amusing," thought the devil.

John had a bad cold last week.

Ask and you shall receive.

I am going to stay with my aunt in Hawaii.

Rolf is a cardiologist.


We watched a movie.


I just want to be able to support my family and myself.

What a lovely gift!

Do you want to do this later?

Pierce is working as a software engineer.

He really wants to work as a translator.

He buys clothes.

She just missed the train.

I dream to go and live in Lithuania.

Do you think you can help Rudy?

At a certain point, if you still have your marbles and are not faced with serious financial challenges, you have a chance to put your house in order.

Do you still believe Kieran's story?

Which cat is yours?

I need you upstairs.

When I was in New York, I visited Brooklyn.

What makes you so sure of that?

Are you up for it?

Dan hid the murder weapon in Linda's bedroom.

She made a great discovery while yet a young student.

This is exactly what I wanted to happen.

Rudolf and Liz decided to go see a scary movie.

I thought that my mother was going to kill me.

That was always so.

Don't make me stay.

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Schools must pay more attention to language learning and to literature.


A tea with lemon, please.

Are you going out?

That tradition has fallen into desuetude.


The investigations began last year with the confiscation of computer files belonging to a man from Magdeburg, Germany.

The falcon has sharp eyes.

Thanks for the beautiful music!

The kids fought each other, so that parents had to intervene.

I recommend the public transport be enhanced.

The boy was speechless when talking to a girl.

I'll send you a post card from Boston.

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I'll give you an answer in a day or two.

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Would you like more coffee?

All your efforts were in vain.

Pour me another cup of coffee and I'll eat another doughnut.

Elijah can rely on Nick to be on time.

Today is a nice day for a picnic, I'll tell you what.

Make a bundle of these clothes.

I'm filling in for him.

Don't judge me.

She has to have a finger in every pie!

If you want me to go, I will.

Moran has left us.


You have to be careful when working with nitroglycerin.


This flung him into a passion.


Dick played the piano and Lucy sang.

Bradley is in great shape.

She's no spring chicken. She's at least thirty.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.

He emptied his glass.


He arrived on time in spite of the rain.

I took risks.

Fossil fuels are the main causes of global warming.

Stan was robbed at gunpoint.

What kind of a party do you want?

He put the gun to her head.

Hey, Ayako! Please speak louder.

Keep distance from trucks and other vehicles when driving.

Rick can count on Suwandi.

I don't understand the meaning of this phrase.

You would look good in that dress.

I want to answer the last question first.

I could not stand my house being torn down.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

She texts me all the time.

Did Meeks tell Wendell why he couldn't help her?

You've put on a little weight, haven't you?

How old is your grandmother?

Jack cranked up the music.

I lighted one.

What a fast runner Miss Kanda is!

Let's do something different.

The sky is obscure, I can see no star.


She made me smile.

Ricardo and Israel are expecting visitors this evening.

A true friend would not say such a thing.

I shouldn't have used the word "password" as my password.

I bought this watch at the store.

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I assumed Jakob had told you I would be here.

I should never have thought they would take such a fancy to their teacher.

Neal said that he didn't know where Archie lived.

Why is that critical?

They could die.

The appearance of stereotypes and TV are very related.

I've seen the way you look at Bernard.

If Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the whole face of the world would have been changed.

These days nobody believes in ghosts.

Most young adults enjoy going out at night.

Starbuck came here.

Take this chair. It's sturdy.

I thought Ji would say hi.

When was the last time you dyed your hair?

Roast the bhakri while the pan is heated.

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You're wasting your time and ours.

I wrote a lot in my diary yesterday.

We need to build a fire.


You had better not do that.

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It may never happen.


Can somebody get Patrice a drink?


I'll surprise them.

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You have to do exactly what I do.

The victim had been beaten up and left for dead.

Hey, I was trying to familiarly greet you.

I bet Vincenzo was real happy.

I called to thank him.


If it happened to Allen, it could happen to you.


Bradford is a very sound sleeper.

We've got to find her before she does something stupid.

He said that he grew up in Tunisia.

Lorenzo doesn't think that Scott's performance was very good.

A hunt is on for the runaway.

We knocked at the door for five minutes, but in vain.

You should get your eyes checked.

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I don't care whichever you choose.

That may be what happened.

There's a little wind.

You must do all you can lest you should regret later.

When I was studying to become a lawyer, my teachers told me to never ask a question that I didn't know the answer to.

What makes you think I wrote that?

I assume Norbert will be the same as he was the last time we saw him.

Beth now has several tattoos.

Nothing is foolproof to a talented fool.

I'll bet that I can beat you to the tree.

Our kids hate us.

I'm getting tired of looking at furniture we can't afford.

The teachers greeted the children.

Annard can't help you now.

She had no rule of thumb about it, but she got it right every time.

I went shopping with a friend.

They didn't offer me anything.

Are we allowed to use the lift?

The bank robbers killed everyone but Bonnie.

No one can figure it out.

This would never happen in Boston.


I advised him to give up smoking, but he would not listen to me.

I am from Skopje.

That's funny stuff.

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Donne had every right to do what he did.


This woman has two bags.


All of us were shocked by the news.

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Thanks for the tip.


I'll make it up to Johnathan.


Are you at odds with Boolean algebra?

The investigation is still active.

Maybe we should go back to Boston.