I have always kept my promises.

It can't last much longer.

Butter is soft.

You should write a novel.

My partner and I have been winning every game today.

They must have been tired.


Kyung doesn't look like a child anymore.

Paul talks a lot.

We'll stop at the New Osaka Hotel and pick up Mr Takakura.

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I just want to live simply and happily, without troubles.

They were happy when they heard the good news.

We're just getting ready to leave.

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He is a good speaker of English.


I'm willing to accept your offer.


His music is sweeping the whole country.

It's against my principles.

Am I intruding?

He gave away his camera to his friend.

My head is still spinning.

She is devoted to sport.

Do I turn left at the first stoplight?

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I don't care about the cost.


We gotta lose the heat, step on it!

The dragonfly gracefully passed over the water.

Jon seems a little dangerous.

You have a lot to learn about business.

If you invite him, he'll probably come.

Get me a tube of toothpaste while you're at the store.

I'd like meat loaf.


Please bring in the washing.


We have three objectives.

Can we talk?

They still have bread. Do you want some?


Do not annoy me!


There's a lot left to be done.

We've been here three days.

I was surprised to come across vending machines that sell cans of coffee, where you can even choose between hot and cold ones.


You can ride with me.

I never meant to say anything.

Tell Nadeem we're too tired to come over tonight.

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Stanly isn't the only one who has to study. I have to study as well.

Did you break any laws?

Jill died of a heroin overdose.

He boiled over with rage.

Her large, deep, blue eyes had a dreamy look, but a childlike smile still played round her mouth.


I had a tough day.

Jackye is my second cousin.

I'm not contradicting them.

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I lit the candles.

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Apparently, the meeting will be in Lui's office.

Gordon was the first one to enter the classroom.

Ross confessed.

Can I use a credit card?

Do you always do that?

I gave her the afternoon off.

We're always hungry.


Day after day, all over the world, millions of people die of hunger in the streets.

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I'm pretty sure Tony has left town by now.


I had to make a speech at short notice.

Then the King could not restrain himself; he sprang towards her, and said, "You can be none other than my dear wife." She answered, "Yes, I am your dear wife," and at the same moment she received life again, and by God's grace became fresh, rosy, and full of health.

I have no wish to see the man again.

He is always being a nuisance.

Not everyone enjoyed it.

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He is bent on becoming a vocalist.


When I told him I had some good news for him, he was all ears.

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I heard coughing.

No, I don't. You had better look it up in a telephone directory.

I've got a headache right now.

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Maybe I shouldn't try to help Santa.

This box isn't so heavy.

Stephen didn't feel that he was ready.

"I don't like repeating myself." "What?"

What famous songs do you wish you had composed, and why?

The force of the wind made it difficult to walk.

I think we'll have a party next Friday night.

You ought not to go to such a place.

How often does the train go to Stockholm?


This ship is too big to pass through the canal.

You remind me of someone.

Frederic and I want you to come with us.

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"Perhaps you'd like me to play a song for you." "I'd like that."

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We have much rain in summer but on the other hand we have little rain in winter.

Some people are demonstrating against nuclear arms.

There followed a long silence.

How do I know who to trust?

Leung stabbed his wife to death.

Rob didn't want this to happen.

It's about time somebody needed my help.


Have you ever heard her talk?

Manuel must be very lucky.

I'm really happy for you.

These are the expectations.

What do you see in the picture?

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Yes, I'll go with you.

He tried in vain to convince them of his innocence.

Everything seemed OK.


You've been walking in your sleep.

You should go to school.

Are you telling me the truth?


Tell him to stop staring at me.

What's the damage?

I made a fortune.


She made spaghetti.

Rhonda drinks milk every morning.

The door is already open.

We have decided to adopt your idea.

Both of them looked scared.


It looks like I was right about Antonio not showing up for the meeting.

Let's hope he's all right.

The company deals in various goods.

I'm here to pick up the book I ordered.

Corsica has some very picturesque landscapes.

Florian was greatly affected by the death of his only daughter.

You miss her a lot, don't you?

Is there a link between smoking and lung cancer?

What did Miltos do instead?

Why do you love me so much?

Piercarlo is in good health.

Can you show me any evidence for your statement?

Have you ever paid a fine?

Are there any more details?

Where did you have your picture taken?

Simon is studying hard.

I didn't get home until 2:30.

Who knows what really happened?

He left for New York a week ago.

It's a wonder that she's still alive.

The odds against that happening are astronomical.


We just want you back.


We're waiting to be served.

I'd like you to itemize the charges.

The boy was anxious for a bicycle.


Finland needs you.

He got 90 in English.

Tears fell down her cheeks.

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Excuse me. Can you direct me to the nearest subway station?

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I have some questions to ask Cris.

I wish the fedora would come back in style.

Who's Cyrus talking to?

A deadline was included in the ultimatum.

She has a roll.


I just want to know what time I'm supposed to pick Hunter up.


What day of the week is it?


He wants no kind of flowers.

As far as I know, your letter is under that book.

I got up at six, ate breakfast and then went to school.

No one told me about that.

Lyndon is obviously disappointed that Ofer isn't here.

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Who do you think wrote this note?

Mortal enemies are immortal friends.

The workers at Subra's company are demanding shorter working hours.


How did Bart respond to that news?

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He is sure of winning the game.

They've fooled you.

It's a black-and-white picture.

Have you made up your mind?

I hardly knew you in high school.