If you knew the truth, you'd be surprised.

You could've told me earlier.

You don't know how bad it is.

This is too heavy a box for me to carry.

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According to the author Joe Marconi, books that are labeled "Harvard Classics" can demand twice the price.

I'd lend you some of my brother's books.

Both of us were travelling on the same train by chance.

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The population is dying off.

What is it you wanted to tell me, yesterday?

She will lose weight.

The pain is agonizing.

Aliens controlled Earth's progress in secret.


Celia is sharp.

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Let's talk seriously.

Reid wished he were able to visit Boston more often.

You must go to Harajuku.

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You should've gone to Boston.

He had no difficulty in finding the place.

He practices the piano every day to become a pianist.

French is not all that difficult to learn.

Be original for a change.


Dana won't leave until he's talked to Ramon.

She was late for the bus.

I wish you'd call him.

Beverly's daughter ordered her mother's tomb to be opened.

Very few children draw as well as Vern can.


Jin had other things he needed to do.

She had never mingled in the society of women.

Did you pass out?

She arrived on time. I arrived in time.

He gave me a stern look.


You screwed this up.

Gabriel visited Mason in the hospital.

Are there others that have questions?


This could buy us some time.

Buy two egg boxes.

There's no hot water on the fourth floor, but there is on the ground floor.


Is it possible to get there on foot?

I sent about 2.2 billion spam emails over a period of around one and a half years.

All of us like him.

The army besieged the castle for many days.

Damone was more than willing to cooperate with the police.

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Wash eggplants and cut their endings.

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I was hoping to hear from you.

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The dog is barking at him.

He rose to his feet before the meal was over.

Did the old man get lost in the forest?


We're waiting for her.

Kee took off his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt.

I will show you around in return.

Come on, let's take shelter.

I ran as fast as I could.


You can always try doing it by yourself.

Genius and madness are but a hairbreadth away from each other.

I am very sad.

I'm in love with Rabin's girlfriend.

It's not fair to attribute your failure to your parents.

Now that's what I'm looking for.

There was a danger the smallpox could spread.


My daughter is buying milk in the shop.

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It's just a game.

She went on at me for coming home late.

I look like Max.

I need a week.

If you want to do eye-grabbing work you have to put out something punchy at the outset. Say what you mean directly.

Natto smells awful but tastes delicious.

You didn't really see a ghost - it was only imaginary.

They slept in a barn.

Turn on your back.

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Andy lied when he said he didn't like Vladimir.


Guacamole is a dip made from avocados.

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I am in your hands.


We lost a lot of time.

What you have said reminds me of a strange experience I had a few years ago.

There is no anwser for your question.

I think you're probably wrong.

Melinda hugged me.

You need a raise, don't you?

This elephant is adored by small children.


Torsten lost his eyesight.

Where are Loren and Maarten?

They came here one after another.

She bought him a ticket.

I didn't help Mitchell escape.

I think Hirotoshi is funny.

The old woman gave it to her as a present and said she really wanted her to accept it.


Rose milk is from the south of India. In Singapore, it's called "bandung."

You're not being objective.

I want a box in which to keep these toys.

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They like ragtime, jazz and music with a swing to it.

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It's not the time but the will that you lack.

He was killed by a single bullet.

Do you have strong likes and dislikes for certain food?

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My husband is useless.


I need to say something.


Herbert sat down next to someone he didn't know.

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Frank made a few grammatical mistakes.

I cannot abide the insult.

We don't have much more time.

How will the plan work out?

Oil is a finite supply and supplies will eventually run dry.

Due to the rain, staying at home would be a better option.

He was bewildered.


I'm still married to Leung.


You better brush up your English if you go to America.


Here is an atomic power plant.


It's all right now, isn't it?


She goes running every morning.

He is not angry anymore.

I think we'll go with you.

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He told him about his cats.

I must leave here today.

I converted the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius in my head.

I persuaded my mother to lend me her car.

I'm a stranger here.

The nether gate was opened.

Jones is not the first speaker.

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Not knowing what to do, I stood there silently.

Many shoes nowadays are made of plastics.

Jarmo's alert.

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Pierette cut her arm open.

I can't get this silly tune out of my head!

Nothing was wrong.

Wayne is trying to make the impossible possible.

They wanted protection.

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Do you charge for delivery?

This may change next year.

I haven't eaten anything since breakfast.


If you walk a lot, you will develop calluses on your heel.

You should've told me this before.

They tried to swim to safety.

That's really awesome.

When will we see each other again?

I had a very good time today.

Dave played golf last weekend.

Jim's father always comes home late.

Look! That shop's just opened! Why not take a look?


I don't think he's a great actor.

She'll have left before you come back.

Mah pointed out my mistake.

Jesper's mood changes markedly from day to day.

The philanthropist tried to use her wealth to help people in need.

We might not be so lucky next time.

Do you want this guitar?

How did Ronald ever talk you into this?

He said he was sure to succeed; he failed, however.

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I think you'll enjoy this movie.

Do you have a shoehorn?

Quality over quantity.


What is usually the cause for the pain?

Bret needs help.

Vicki passed the exam with flying colors.

I'm just trying to be thorough.

Florian knows that he's got some explaining to do.


She works for a hospital.


Modern Hebrew is easier than Ancient Hebrew.