In those days, Germany had a strong army.

Teriann doesn't blame Benjamin for getting angry.

I told you it was a risk.

Klaus wanted Daryl to learn French.

In this kanji we have only two components.

They have an extra bed.

The room will be painted tomorrow.

Please stay here.

Your nose was bleeding.

You are drunk!

You've told me that before.

There weren't any children in the park yesterday.

I might be wrong.


We got stuck in traffic.

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Marci picked Patrick up at the airport.


Do you use Tatoeba when you translate?

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You talked to Rajeev, didn't you?


Tell me, briefly, what happened.

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After the end of the first world war, when battle painting was no longer in demand, Lum turned to nature.

Water makes up most of the earth's surface.

Could you enlarge on your new theory?

Don't bend over the table.

They are having breakfast now.

Marek shut herself up in the room and closed all the windows.

She's due soon.

I beg of you to listen carefully.

We could do worse.

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I was startled.

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We all congratulated them.


I'm not going to force Lana to do that.

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"Today my mother died." That's how the book The Stranger, by Albert Camus, begins.

What do we owe Milo?

I think Naoto said his last name is Jackson.

Patricia has all the money he needs.

The company has decided to expand its business to Germany.

I'd prefer it if you didn't ask me any questions.

He is reading the newspaper.


Of course, I'm young, and politics is conducted by grown-ups.

They had no idea what to expect.

He's been waiting here for quite a while.

I had no choice but to do that.

Josh said I was supposed to talk to you.


Alexis used to be a hairdresser.

Should I try it?

She went out of her way to do such a foolish thing.

Did Matthias accept your offer?

Many people in Fiji don't have access to clean drinking water.

They are anxious for your help.

Do you take me for an idiot?!

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I want you to go.


By intuition he knew she was lying.

I've had the time of my life.

I knew I shouldn't have worn this color.

Justin has had quite a lot to drink.

I'll finish the work in a week or less.

Iran is the eighteenth largest country in the world.

This is the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen.

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There's nothing better than a few bottles of good red wine drunk with good friends.

Point out the place you told me about.

It doesn't look exactly like the picture in the catalog.

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Does time really heal all wounds, or do we just become accustomed to having been wounded?

Sonny is so stunned he can hardly speak.

Patrice is open-minded.

Never choose a vocation just because it looks profitable.

Time passes slowly for those who are sad, but fast for those who are happy.

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I will say this only once, so listen carefully.

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An adversary yesterday is a friend today.


I failed after all.

Americans have the right to bear arms.

He had only one hundred yen on him.


We just kind of lost touch.

We have snow in January.

He should have arrived already.

We resumed negotiations with that company.

I knew this wasn't going to work.

Loukas said he wanted to see us before we left.

Most fatal accidents happen at home.

I interpreted his remark as a threat.

Tell Stuart I'll be home soon.

The gentleman is a very famous pianist.

Did you keep your appointment?


I wish I had not spent so much money.

We must consider the question from every aspect.

Do you like running?

I can't believe she did that to me - she turned out to be a real frenemy.

We know his name very well.

Human intervention in nature has no limits.

The human voice is produced by the larynx.

Some pretty birds are flying above the trees.

The tide is turning against Tyler.

I was studying.

I'm not a teenager.

This coffee is too hot for me to drink.

A small group of men appeared at the corner.

Start at once so as not to be late for the meeting.

Tad was lucky that he didn't get killed.


I've never told anyone that before, not even my mother.

I'm really going to miss Mark when he moves to Boston.

Our exchange students are leaving Japan next week.

How long is this bridge?

I've been trying my best to be sociable.

Why didn't you take that?

I was very polite.


It seems impossible.

He bet two pounds on the horse.

He denied having met her.


Please exchange yen for dollars.

Yesterday I bought a three pound watermelon.

She must have seen me.

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I did it because I'm Max's friend.

Why are you telling this to me now?

In the long run oat flakes with advocaat for breakfast will knock everybody's socks off.

It sounds as if you don't like Raghu.

Don't make such a parade of your wealth.

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The crowd cried out for an encore.

I wish I could explain it.

The television is broken.

I barely got out of there alive.

I can never get my son to eat any vegetables.

That city has a very interesting past.

Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: likewise a small act of folly unto him that is esteemed for wisdom and honour.

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We had a long period of good weather.

Ravindranath said he wanted to improve his French.

Everyone calls him Harris.


I'm making a documentary.


Jun is ruined.

Your sovereign is king of Prussia and emperor of Germany.

Are you still happy?


He loves to ride on his high horse.

He has a low libido.

I will stop it.

We can talk to him.

New York is sometimes referred to as the melting pot of races.


Mariana is going home now with Susana's mother.

Son'll speak.

Children need a lot of sleep.

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All these events go against my plans.


I had to drag him out of bed.

Jarvis is heroic.

Takao opened the door and let Lindsey in.

I don't know how to play tennis.

I didn't want milk.


Don't thou me.

I'm trying to save them.

Have you already decided where you're going to go?


It would be sad if that were true.

From the Tokyo International Airport to Tokyo, you can take a train or an airport shuttle bus.

Are you students?

Let's unearth the onions.

To help ensure accident-free operation, follow these guidelines.

We haven't heard from them.

Now is really not a good time.

If I were in your place, I would not do so.

Why is Noam acting like this?

He put an announcement in the newspaper.

If it were true, what would you do?

The world began without man and it shall end without him.

She played a waltz on the piano.

Starbuck told Monica to wash her face.

Each of us should plant a tree.

Here, have a taste.

I'm practically already an adult.


I've quit doing many things I used to do.