Hwa isn't the best person for the job.

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We are busy preparing for our wedding and honeymoon.


That was a wonderful success.


Spike opened all three letters.

Won't you play tennis tomorrow afternoon?

The crowd poured out through the gate.

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He was raised in the States, but his mother tongue is Japanese.


He tried to put me off with more promises.

I have no idea how long it will take.

Do you know baseball?

I was told that Giovanni can't speak French.

Karl came out of the closet at work.

What is the emergency?

Christophe has to stay in Boston this weekend.

Majority rule is a basic principle of democracy.

If it had not been for your help, we might have failed.

It didn't last long.

Dan severed ties with his daughter, Linda.

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The bus now arriving is going to Domestic Terminal 1. Passengers for the International Terminal, please wait. The shuttle bus to the International Terminal also leaves from this stop.

How'd you meet Srinivas?

You can't imagine how concerned I was.

You could at least pay Tobias a visit.

I don't have money.

Why is it that you're always late?

He glanced at her with no sign of recognition.

He likes all that is sweet.

That guy is off his rocker!

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Major decided it wasn't his job to tell Christina about what John had done.

We need to get some help.

The scene shifted to Chicago.

Wayne didn't realize Laurie was so rich.

The first batter up got a base hit.


Now, this is interesting.


The left turn signal will only activate if a vehicle in the left turn lane triggers the sensor embedded in the roadway.

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I'm excited to try my new pillow!

She is as guilty as Johan.

Can you save a seat for me?


How are you going to deal with it?

Do you know how much strawberries cost right now?

Wasn't that enough for you?

I used to consider this piece rather mediocre, but it's grown on me since then, and now I find it quite enjoyable to listen to.

A commission!

I just want to know.

"I want to die." "First, I pray you, learn what it is to live."

It's a good thing Elias isn't here today.

Could you come back here tomorrow at 2:30?


The money was put into a special fund to buy books for the school library.

Have a good trip!

I just want it to actually happen.

Stainless steel doesn't rust.

Hi, come on in.

People in the United States speak English.

I wouldn't rule anything out.


Anyway, as long as it's a man, anybody should do. It's sad that you don't have a boyfriend yet.

The province is rich in mineral resources.

No one can resist.

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I went to Boston with them.

I won't smoke from today on.

The bullet glanced off his helmet.

What are you up to this weekend?

There's a good restaurant not too far from here.

He has the ability to speak ten languages.

Would you like me to see you home?

I broke one.

How could Nick be so stupid?

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Wilmer is quite successful, isn't he?

Robbin, there are a lot of girls that would love to go out with you.

Who'll be taking over from Cynthia when she retires?

You should practice the violin every day.

I noticed that, too.

Do you think Matti will get the job?

Isidore bought three bars of soap yesterday.

Sergiu will return home soon.

The more worthless the plant, the more rapid and splendid is its growth.

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We cheerfully discussed the matter over a drink.

He got into this school in September last year.

The European likes to drink wine.

Hang the painting.

The road ran straight for several miles.

When I wash dishes, I am all thumbs.

This senior is exceptionally kind.

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Sedovic couldn't find his hometown on the map.

Marsha is very untidy, isn't he?

TV's boring today.


I don't have the authority to fire Everett.

Many people attended the meeting.

We have to be at work by nine.

He evicted the existing tenants by taking them to court for non-payment of back rent.

This is my good luck charm.


Walter doesn't trust us.


I like mountains better than seas.

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We waited for Ross, but he didn't come.

It's all going to work out, you'll see.

I don't need your banal platitudes.


Jennie was brought up by his aunt and uncle.

It's a very difficult issue.

I didn't find any jokes in this book.


Get him out of here!

I've never seen you so tense.

I was hit on the head.


They surrounded her.


I'm sure Narendra is just fine.


When do you get up?

It isn't that easy.

Leave them with me.

What would you do if you met a man from another planet?

They are going to emigrate to the United States.


Murthy became the acting chairman of the committee.

Your message has been received.

I think I'm drunk.

How do you get to Tomplatz from here?

He is of a humorous turn of mind.

Nate has never been to Melinda's home.

They didn't even know we were there.

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That might have been true.

I know you're a spy.

Images taken by the JAXA Earth observation satellite, 'Daichi'.

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How often do the buses come?


This single reflection will show that the doctrine of redemption is founded on a mere pecuniary idea corresponding to that of a debt which another person might pay.

She speaks English really well.

After spending four years in jail, he was set free for good behaviour.


My mother tasted the soup and added a little more salt.

No, and it's not under the chair either.

It was a nice break.

We could not but give him up for dead.

He is the least likely to come.


There are no thoughts in any mind which exists, however, once generated, thoughts tend to quickly transform into powers.

Why don't you just kiss her?

Fourthly, my first three points do not exist.

What did they do?

It's time for pizza.

That's probably just a coincidence.

They are very interested in astronomy.

He caught me by surprise.

Isn't it wonderful how things work out?

Let's not do this, Earl.

I don't think that's the case.

He called me up almost every day.

Yoko is a Japanese name.


You cannot be too polite in front of her.


I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to do that.

When I was in school, left-handed kids were forced to write with their right hands.

A university job would give you a lot more free time.

What time will you come tomorrow?

Pray for me, Kirsten.


Joseph, hurry it up.


How soon am I going to die?

He will have lived in Paris for ten years next year.

We spoke in a low voice to avoid waking up the baby.

Cook the rice.

Try to recall what happened.


Jamie knows how to get things done.

This is the last game.

But that would be extremely strained and suspicious as in fifteen years of service Gregor had never once yet been ill.

Bert tried to break up the fight between Eduardo and John.

Do you know how many people live in Australia?

Nothing we do matters.

Spock was the first to enter the room.

Sofia never forgave me for it.

Earl is apparently an honest person.

It is no use trying to deceive me.

My house is old and ugly.