The boy kept standing for a while.

Numbers are not always about age and money. If one thinks otherwise, then one has not been exposed to too much mathematics. It becomes evident...

The focus is on statistically significant features of lexico-grammar used within particular sub-sets of texts associated with a particular discipline.

He became world-famous for his discovery.

What's gotten into you lately?

Birds were singing in the woods.

It is not certain if Mr Funada will join the new party.

Not all of the boys laughed at him.

She is precise in keeping appointments.

Amos doubts if Spy will come to school today.


Marcia straightened his glasses.

Florian is memorizing a poem.

We usually go to school from Monday to Friday.

That's all quite true.

Anybody will do.

I'll be there in five minutes.

Is it just eight-thirty?


He could not frame what he felt.


Let me tell them.

Nobody wants to write sentences about armpits.

Barry knows what Kuldip likes.

That's true for every day except one.

If you have lied once you will never be believed ever again, even if you are speaking the truth.

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This is how it should have been.


You need to stop this kind of behavior right away.

The size of the group should not be more than twelve persons.

She complied with my request.


I can't get used to seeing Gigi in this state.

I couldn't figure it out.

We're trapped.

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What was he doing there?

I opened the drawer to get a pencil.

Gypsy put his shirt on backwards.

Mrs. Harris is very doubtful about her son's future.

I'm under so much pressure, I just want to cry.

I have the ace of hearts.

You will not be able to try it.

It looks as if it's going to be a nice day.

Doesn't it feel good?

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You'll be able to drive a car in a few days.

Did you sleep with him?

You'll never guess what happened just after you left.

Celeste refused to sign the contract.

Let's not waste time talking about Morton.


The stump is like a phallus of nature.

This star is five light years away.

She tried to do a backflip.

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Can you excuse us a second?

Say what you really mean.

Benjamin's car's outside.

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She shivered at the sight.


I really appreciate your offer.


The author's verbiage produced a document of mammoth size and microscopic import.

How blue the sky is!

This is humiliating.

Bradley probably thought I could speak French.

I am quite satisfied.


Temptations can be got rid of. How? By yielding to them.


Flying in darkness without adequate training is a major cause of light aircraft accidents.

I thought a person like you would understand.

I want to talk about us.

I thought it was obvious.

What a fool I've been!

I thought I could get more.

It can be very cold here even in May.


He attended to his business.

What do you mean? What do you want to tell me?

They paid me five dollars for the bag.


I am game for anything!

Bernie couldn't concentrate on his work.

You often find that sympathy gives place to love.

Martha is behind in his rent.

Her mother is not aware of her illness.


Could you do me a favor? Will you lend me some money?


My hair is light brown.

Fantasy is based on reality.

I tried to talk her out of it.


These grapes are too sour to eat.


Insects are full of proteins.

You always repeat the same thing.

You can't even imagine what he's capable of.


He's a little like his father.

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I'm kind of new at this.

The only thing that matters is that you are alive.

Jianyun now knows that what he said was the wrong thing to say.


Cary and Eileen went to the worst restaurant in town.

I couldn't care less about what he thinks.

I hope to try out for cheerleader.

He had not been employed two months before he was fired.

He won the day by virtue of his strength of will.

The road which leads to the hotel is narrow.

She has never forgotten those rules.

I do not need a loan anymore.

If I had to choose, I'd say Bayern Munich.

I'll bet you can't guess what happened to me today.

Little birds are singing merrily.


You might want to go with me.

Some quartic equations can be easily decomposed into quadratics.

Don't follow her example.

The kitchen is not a suitable place for arguments. Too many knives.

I don't think I did very well.

Nelken sat down underneath a tree.

Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet.

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Since you have already also become an adult, you must become independent economically from your parents.


There's something for you on the table.

You shouldn't just give up.

After the concert, I went out to eat with Tharen.

Single people are the ones that always find out where the emergency exit is right away.

I don't like it when you bring work home.

Just as I went to go out, it began to rain.

I left my keys on the table. Could I trouble you to bring them to me?

He is suffering from a cold.

That's not good for your health.

This is why you are sick all the time!

The scientist is famous both at home and abroad.

I think you've already seen this.

I'm not going to ask Jiri what his problem is.

The crops failed last year.

You must come back before it gets dark.

Hey, this is good.

Manny accepted the job.

Bolt is bound to win.

She is the person I was waiting for.

With his interest in Justin Bieber, I just couldn't love him.

The kidnappers may be armed and dangerous.

The municipal government is at their wits' end concerning the garbage problem.

Let's allow Cary to do that.

She pulled the door open.

What do you do to stay in shape?

He wants a book to read.

Could you put these in a box?

I didn't have to go.

I'm with you.


Everybody laughed at the way Kenneth was dancing.


It seems that I have lost my keys.

The price of the stock of that company will not come down.

You'd better tell him the truth.


She worked through the night.

Electricity made candles of little use in our life.

Timo said he didn't like the concert at all.

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What do they call you?

Put your hands on your head!

Elizabeth put too much sugar in my coffee.


Disney films are an American vision of society.

I'll never forget seeing her on the stage.

That bicycle over there is my brother's.


I can't go now. I have work to do.

The funeral home is accepting flowers today in honor of his mother.

The more I spoke, the wider her grin became.

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Everyone of us will have to accept the current of the times.

The apples are not ready to pick yet.

Would you say you're a morning person?

What did you mean in that email you just sent?

I'm afraid the job I've got for you won't be easy.

Come back here!

I was meaning to ask you about that.


The picture is nice, well done!

I planned to introduce him to Beatrice.

This is an amazing result.

Ole has been kind to me.

Do you want to meet her?

I used to be a gardener.

I made a deal with them.

The kidnapper told me he'd kill Mann if I didn't show up alone.

One way to lower the number of errors in the Tatoeba Corpus would be to encourage people to only translate into their native languages instead of visa versa.