A slab of  Wagyu beef, commonly referred to as kobe beef

The Real Beef on Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is one of the most coveted meats in the culinary world. Fetching over $100 per pound, loyal followers swear by its heavenly flavors. But is that kobe you're eating actually authentic?

The title screen from the documentary Black Gold


Dive deep into the multifaceted world of coffee in the award winning documentary, Black Gold

A plate of assorted sushi

7 Quick Tips to Become a Sushi Snob

Here are seven quick and easy tips on how to turn yourself from an amateur sushi connisseur into a would-be sushi snob.

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The Dim Sum Guide

The foodie's guide to eating dim sum from learning how to choose the proper Chinese restaurant to knowing what dishes to pick out and why. Learn all about dim sum with this how to guide.

What is this Fair Trade Coffee About?

Many coffee farmers are unable to make a living due to the low prices offered for coffee. Find out what you can do to help by supporting Fair Trade.


Enjoy fresh, tasty veggies? Want to support local farmers? Consider a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership!


Have a thirst for beer and eco-conscious living? Consider these options so you can drink your beer with a clearer conscience.

The New King of Gourmet Coffee - Hacienda La Esmeralda

Learn about Esmeralda, the new gourmet coffee that is breaking records and turning all the heads of the coffee experts of the world.


A listing of the top ten Chinese restaurants in Seattle, as voted by the UW Chinese Students Association.

Seattle Restaurant Food Photos
Tilapia Po-boy sandwich.
Hector's Restaurant
Tilapia Po-boy sandwich.
House special beef.
Nara Japanese Restaurant
House special beef.
The honey mandarin chicken
Bamboo Garden
The honey mandarin chicken
Wild coho salmon with fresh berries
(407) 430-8749
Wild coho salmon with fresh berries
Prosciutto crusted scallops in cream
Yarrow Bay Grill
Prosciutto crusted scallops in cream
Casa D's Taqueria
Chicken taco with chips
Coconut prawns with chips
Coconut prawns with chips
(828) 803-2543
Marinepolis Sushi Land
Imitation crab sushi.
Meze the Mediterranean Bistro
Borek, a meat and cheese stuffed pastry with a side greek salad
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Food and Guides
Want to impress your friends with your sushi knowledge? These seven quick tips will turn you from sushi amateur to sushi snob.
Dim Sum can be scary to the uninitiated, but is a delight with foodies. Learn what to order and where to go for Seattle's best dim sum.
Seattle Restaurants
Verde burger, jack cheese, fire roasted anaheim pe..
(508) 752-4246
Pasha Grill
Grilled chicken plate with greek salad
Kikuya Japanese Restaurant
breast pump
A plate of saba (mackerel) sushi
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