What we need is action.

He is the eldest.

I saw the moon above the horizon.

We must do something for her.

A hundred and fifty diplomats came to that conference.

You are a disgusting person. No offense.

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Will you guide me around the city?

Well, I have to be going.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia.

Let's go ask her.

He is not a bad person.

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Theo began to try to lose weight a few months ago.

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You should be grateful.

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She fixed a computer.


Jacques doesn't like cats and Masanao doesn't either.

Hienz doesn't know whether Rolfe will agree to go or not.

You must not go inside.


I thought we'd already been over all this.

I feel completely helpless.

Alexander was a great conqueror.


Cyrus is the only person Matt really trusts.

She's going up the rock.

Shai kept an eye on the children.

There are no stars tonight.

It has greatly improved compared with what it was.

I'd like to know what's going on.

That's out of the question.

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There are a number of methodological problems here, not to mention the inaccuracy of some of the results.

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You smile.

I'm using Twitter.

The pencil is not long.


A dog is distinct from a cat in physical characteristics.

That plan will probably fail in the long run.

We've forgiven you.

Where did this happen?

And how are things in Washington?


By the way, have you done your homework?

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I want to stop this rumor before it goes any further.


I feel much better.

Timo cut herself while she was mincing onions.

That's no good.

We just arrived at the station.

Bernard told Damone to go ahead.

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I can't call Elwood.

You can't really expect to win.

Collin failed to come on time.

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Mother is never impatient with us.

We're just two friends who happen to be roommates.

Dan wanted to attempt the robbery.


I want to enter the club.

It's great that you've volunteered to help.

Finishing this job by Tuesday will be easy.

I hope you'll agree.

Ceremonies were held to celebrate victories.


I don't make the schedule.


He is quick at figures.

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Wait, did you say girlfriend or boyfriend?


The higher you go, the lower the temperature.

The chance is gone.

How can I pay for it?


Allan has been on death row for three years.


Pratt doesn't know what he did to make Jonathan so angry.


John would often go mountain climbing when he was a student.

Please report discrepancy in data.

The husbandmen who ploughed those places, shrunk from the great worms abounding there.


I definitely remember seeing a picture of you and Spass together.

Marsh listens to the radio while eating breakfast.

Can't you do anything to help them?

Let's go to the mall tonight.

Nick pushed Bruno toward the door.


They live just down the street.

I need to get that fixed.

Richard sat in his beanbag chair.

I like sauerkraut.

Amarth wouldn't say that.

The airplane skimmed the ground before it crashed.

Rich reluctantly did as he was told.

He is riding for a fall.

Fingerprints left in the room proved the murderer's guilt.

Debbie wrote down Sabrina's phone number.

That is why words sometimes have great power over us.


If you don't want to say anything, you don't have to.


Tandy studies all the time.

You are feeling very tired. Yes, you are feeling very tired.

What he is saying does not make sense.

No one will ever forget her.

You attend conferences abroad.

You're in love with someone else.

We're out of tissue paper, so I've got to go buy some.

The assassin smothered his victim with a pillow.

Helge isn't going to rush into anything.

I stayed in my bedroom until 11:00 am.

Vidhyanath stroked his beard.

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Peace is not the absence of war; it is the presence of justice.

Tell me what I should be watching for.

I want to know how much it's going to cost me to go to Boston with you.

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You're very courageous.

I cry all the time.

Christofer took the pie out of the oven.

I just wanted tonight to be perfect.

He speaks as if he were rich.

The darkness has not overcome it.

My heart fluttered with excitement.

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They're delicious.

I found the book which I had lost the day before.

I took it for granted that she had received my letter.

The trail ahead looked rough.

A lily was the emblem of French Kings.

Oregon is just south of Washington.

They entered into a discussion about the issue.

The train is late.

That's obviously inevitable.


Does anybody here trust her?


I'm pretty sure Wes's biased.

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Your homework for each class will be to review the day's lesson and to prepare for the next one.

I'm scared of cats.

Relations between the Soviet Union and the western Allies were mixed.


The government fell.

I wonder why Nancy is so busy.

I was exhausted after running the race.

Al doesn't want us to leave.

The boy had the dish empty in a moment.


Mickey said he didn't feel cold.

Do you want to tell Stephe?

Learn from Comrade Lei Feng.


Everyone likes Isabelle.

Please do not touch the record side.

It's about Andrei Tarkovsky's last film.


I hope this isn't true.


Granville was going to shoot me.

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I can't ask you to do that.

There used to be a coffee shop near the park.

A drunken man was sleeping on the bench.

Where are you posted?

I could hear Eddy playing the piano.

I was just trying to be a friend.

Dalton wants to know your name.


We need to find Tricia tonight.

I regret having said so.

It's awful.

Japan has caught up with America in some fields.

I have to get up very early tomorrow morning.

You're not totally blameless.

He tried to approach her using every possible means.

I'll show you the way to freedom.

The woman stopped and looked at him.

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Juan is legally dead.

That woman gets shy easily.

Have you ever seen Alejandro when he's angry?

I didn't have to go, but I did.

This is my first time.

What exactly will it cost?

Roxana was convicted of second-degree assault in 2013.


I heard Benjamin is back with his ex.

Rephrasing the well-known principle of Shaw in conformity with Tatoeba, one can say: "Make up a sentence that even a fool can translate, and only a fool would like to translate it."

I'm eating fruits because I'm hungry.

Arne isn't poor.

I still haven't eaten since yesterday.