He's going to visit his aunt and uncle next month.


How did you get past security?

This isn't what we expected.

He argued that the new policy was bound to drive the economy into recession.


He has a wife and two young children to provide for.

Can you prove Boyce didn't do it?

One should not miss such a chance!

Dani doesn't seem to know very much about what happened.

I'm afraid this isn't a good time for me.


Let's be honest here.

We got up early in order to see the sunrise.

How do you expect me to pay this?

We're waiting for a tow truck.

Maybe Mac is lying.

How was your date with Graham?

We're both named Gordon.


Who are they cheering for?

Everybody at the party was charmed with her grace.

How many people are in this room?

I must find the answer.

I'll keep this for future use.

I don't know where he comes from.

Turn on the air conditioner.

I'd like to speak to Stanly alone for a moment.

I want you to know I appreciate all you've done for us.

I can't put up with that noise.

Three civilians were also killed.


He pulled something out of his pocket.


It is in early spring that daffodils come into bloom.

I'll come at five o'clock.

She wants to become a citizen.


I've always been a big fan of Jean Reno.

I want a good dictionary.

Carl was taught by Elizabeth.

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Can you abstain from smoking for a week?

An hour later, his fever got worse.

Marla attempted to apologize in French.

Catherine and Ramesh are very much in love.

What's the most beautiful city in Germany?


What am I going to tell them?

He applied his theory to his case.

You're the owner.

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I'll follow him.

You have to try, Liyuan.

If you stay at a big hotel, you can use their swimming pool.

Today I'm having lunch with my brother.

Thierry closed one eye.

Owen could die.

It was extremely high.

She found me a good seat.

It is honest of her to tell him the truth.

I was really mad at myself.

Maybe I should help Bjorne.


Why don't you go play with her?


I'll call her in a few minutes.

Something isn't right about this.

Tatoeba is a language dictionary.

When two non-perpendicular straight lines intersect, they form four geometric angles; an acute angle plus either of the adjacent obtuse angles will naturally always sum to 180 degrees.

I am spent.

I've never heard him complaining about his meals.

When will this machine be put in motion again?


There were many cases of influenza.


Polly needed something.

He was absolved from blame.

Robin spent the weekend at our place.


I thought I was going to feel guilty, but I didn't.

Could you describe it, please?

Let me go talk to him.


There's a lot left to be done.

Dick got in a traffic accident.

He is suspected of robbery.

I prefer to leave my Spanish sentences in the loving arms of a Hispanophone.

I really don't want to clean my room.

Being near the Emperor is like sleeping with a tiger.

That bullet was meant for me.

All you people think about is work.

"How did you find Egypt?" "Hot."


The session will be prolonged again.

Thomas's realisation that she was gay plunged her into a reactive depression.

The food is too spicy for me.


All the passengers left the plane in a hurry.

What's its name?

Is there a MacDonald's around here?

Can you please tell me where the first class room is?

My feet are numb.

Gail sat cross-legged on the floor.

Just be careful.


Bob ate the snail, then vomited.

Paul put on gloves before going out.

It was she who went to Hokkaido yesterday.

I want a camomile.

I still believe you cheated me.

That can't be helped.

I want you to be better.

You're timing couldn't have been worse.

She is an adult, so you should treat her accordingly.

The doctor concluded that her stomach pains were due to irritable bowel syndrome.

We were lucky no one got hurt today.

We didn't need to call the doctor.

I see a clock, but I cannot envision the clockmaker. The human mind is unable to conceive of the four dimensions, so how can it conceive of a God, before whom a thousand years and a thousand dimensions are as one ?

That's a good guess.

We need a ladder.

I belong to the brass band.

I should get Daniel home.

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Moore read The Grapes of Wrath in high school.

I forgot to tell you who would meet you at the station.

Have you told your parents?

We have to make sure Marsha does that.

Could you give me a ball-park figure?

Frank never said anything about Mechael being here.

You like rain, don't you?


I need this space.


No one's denying that.

That's a tricky question.

He expected to have seen her before he went out of town.


I'm sorry to hear this.

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Why would Fred be interested in collaborating with us?


What percentage of illnesses are associated with inadequate diets?

I hope that your brother is better.

I will meet you at the station tomorrow.

It didn't look that easy.

In high altitudes, people find it hard to breathe.


School uniforms are just out of fashion.

I think Jess is likely to be very hungry by the time he gets home tonight.

I'm feeling good this morning.


Gerald had to continue working alone.


Carol gets up early every morning.


Konrad was chosen by lottery.

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I want to see more.


You know who they are.

I can't sleep at all.

Nobody does this kind of thing alone.

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He's now a figure of the past.

It constantly appalls me how stupid he can be.

Thanks to my classmates, who helped me during hard times!

I used to sing Liz to sleep.

You're still very beautiful.


Those tears are artificial.

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The ship dropped anchor in the harbor.


Afghan democracy needs to be preserved even with nuclear bombs.


Jon is resting now.

Let's eat in the park like we used to.

Gypsy never should have gone there by himself.

Howdy folks!

Fruits come from flowers.

The kid watched her mother cook.

Winnie is fat.

I had to give it a try.

Does Germany share a border with Switzerland?

Let's talk about your career.

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

She is highly talented and well educated.

How will you pay your debts?

There's nothing like close combat to test one's mettle.

He couldn't know.

The bamboo gave but did not break.

Jerrie decided to take matters into his own hands.

When did you decide that?

One has to do one's best in anything.

I don't drink water.

The Knesset will look different after the Israeli elections within four months.

Mats is gasping.

Ronni never drinks beer at home.